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If you are in search of Unique Masonic gifts & Masonic Regalia, you have come to the right place. How do we know they're unique? We don't buy them, we make them! All designed by Masons, for our Brother Freemasons. Every design you see in our shops is our design. Our Freemason stores have Masonic, O.E.S., PHA and Shrine clothing, gift ware, cards, stickers, plaques, mugs and more. We ship world wide and customizing is always FREMaster MasonE, herk jue at TMS. And note: this is not a sales site. All of our links to our shops go to secure sites for your shopping safety and security. Oh, and if you're trying to use this site on your phone... oh well. Not going to happen. Sorry. But all stores will worst fine.

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( A TMS V Shop*. Customize it yourself! )

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The Masonic Shop IV
Masonic/OES Hard Goods - Watches, Key Rings, Flasks,
Golf Tees, Playing Cards and tons more.
(shipped from overseas - 2 to 4 week shipping time)
The Masons Scarves, Umbrellas, knit caps, track pants, robes, shorts, pillow cases, laptop skins & more
Canadian Masons
Masonic Wall Art

Fine Art America

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What exactly do we have? I thought you'd never ask. Here at The Masonic Shop, we create Unique (not found anywhere else) TOP QUALITY Masonic, O.E.S., PHA and Shrine clothing & gift ware. Including T-shirts, sweat shirts, golf shirts, jackets, jerseys, hooded sweats, long sleeve t-shirts, kids t-shirts, ladies t-shirts, ceramic coffee mugs, tank tops, beer mugs & steins, glassware, travel mugs, caps, hats, doggie t's, pet bowls, barbeque aprons, bumper stickers, license plates & frames, business cards, skateboards, calendars, neckties, journals, stickers, mouse pads, greeting cards, embroidery, patches, wall peels, Thermos® products, prints, tile coasters, plaques, awards, teddy bears, flip flops, banners, yard signs, tote bags, wall clocks, keepsake boxes, framed pictures, messenger/laptop bags, gym bags, iphone & laptop skins, ceramic collectibles, fund raising buttons and magnets, lanyards, key chains, watches, postage, jewelry, holiday items, bananas and much more. er... bananas? Wait... I don't know how that got in there, but yes, we have no bananas. We are, however, CUSTOMIZING CRAFT ITEMS just for you (Free!). And with the new TMSV, OES II and Shriners II shops, you can even customize items yourself! And you may want to note, we don't do screen printing! All of our clothing utilizes Direct Print for long lasting graphics.

The Masonic Shop ™Check us out! We add new items quite often. (Almost every day) Visit our new additions section for our latest in unique Masonic goods. We are also adding some non-Masonic items we hope you get a kick out of as well, so don't be a stranger! And remember, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee On All Products!!! Oh, and bring a lunch. We have OVER 24,000 Fraternal products (at last count, over 24,000 in our main Masonic store alone!) for our craft on line (and counting, but who's counting?) (Oh. Nevermind. It's us.), which makes us the largest Masonic shop on the planet!
If you've noticed, we have 17 shops! Including the OES II shop and the Shriners II shop. And that count is only in our main shop. You'll find a link to those on the The Masonic Shop V page. (Where you can customize our products yourself) We have just about everything from soup to nuts. (Sorry, still no bananas) So you can add many thousands of other products to that count as well.

If you are requesting a custom design, providing feedback, or if you have any other general questions for any of our shops, please use the form on our contact page, or simply drop us an email at the

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