The Masonic Patch
We offer very low prices and much better quality of embroidery even in 3-D view for all Masonic Lodges, Scottish and York rite, Shriners, AMD, York rite College and just about every single appending body there is in Masonry.
We currently have over 290 designs ready to be embroidered on shirts, jackets, fleece, duffel bags, aprons and you name it we can embroider it offering excellent quality and timely delivery. For us one piece is the minimum required and we donít charge art work or any set up fees for our brethren.
Our email addresses are: or
Our telephone is: (336) 766-1177. Please contact us for that special design.   Bookmark and Share

Some samples of our embroidery...
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Oasis Shrine   oes

P1010997250   P1011021DE.jpg   P1011040-250.jpg

Salem 289    WS   WS 33

WS NC   WS coat   Masonic Unity

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The Masonic Patch

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