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My Parents
My Mom & Dad -- Their Wartime Wedding Day, 1941
Capt. J.S. James 1917 - 3 July, 2006
Momma passed in 1991. They are now back together
Friend to FriendBrethren, this web page (and coin) comes from a brother in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Wbro. R.T. James.

It is part of a larger website -- I produce other Masonic and Masonic Military lapel pins, coins and Christmas ornaments for our beloved craft. Not to mention our Auto emblems for your vehicles.

I'd be grateful if during your visit to this page, you would also see the other work that I do. Sincerely, it would be an honour for me --- a very small business -- to be able to produce pins or coins for your lodge or military unit. My goods are made by masons and are of my own designs. I can do lots of coins or pins as small as 25 for small lodges and special military units.
Click here for my main website: www.gbp.net/rtj


Your Brother, rtj/
Tel: (Home) 207.907.0554
Mobile: 902.449.0634

Bro Cpl Jordan Anderson, PPCLI, Balmoral Lodge 185 -1981–2007
JJ Anderson
Click on his picture to read his story.

Just a Common Soldier (Powerpoint Presentation)
Read about the
WOUNDED WARRIOR Dogtag Presentation


50,000 Names 

Our Kids...
Peace MakersThank You Brothers

The coin pictured at the top of this page is a "Thank You" to our Brothers in Arms -- currently serving in Iraq and for those returned back home.

NO brother who served or is currently deployed is allowed to purchase this coin. It is a gift of Brotherly Love & Affection from brother Masons at home who are covering the costs of manufacturing and shipping.

Criteria for ordering coins:

1. If you are on deployment or returned, please tell us who you are, with what outfit, where located etc. (You guys know the drill) Folks who are sponsoring the coins and their shipment want to know who the recipients are. We want photos as well for this webpage ... A little reaching out so to speak.

2. Help us to locate other brethren either through your sending them email or through the grape vine -- have them make contact via the order/contact page on this website.

WARTo those brothers willing to sponsor coins:

1. Prices: Sponsored Coin: $7.99 plus a couple of bucks for shipping.Order on the order/contact page as Item # 523C

2. If you want the sponsored coin shipped to you for local presentation purposes or if you have a recipient in mind overseas, please indicate your preference to receive the item as opposed to it going into a general pool for delivery directly overseas.

3. If you want the sponsored coin shipped overseas .... Provide appropriate information.

4. General purchase of the coin is $11.99 plus shipping. Order as #525C.

5. If you are a serviceman and qualify for the coin -- IT IS OUR GIFT, that is... it's free. -- Order as 575C.

6. Hopefully I've made this as complicated as possible. I once worked for
the government -- I'm here to help you.

(Quite powerful, brothers)
Support Our Troops © GMO
No matter what country you come from or pledge allegiance to, the military is something we stuff in the closet and starve when times are good. When times are tough --- we open the closet door and beg for their protection. They never say "no". They just pack up and go -- under strength, under equipped ... poorly funded ... Lord we've heard this song too many times.

Regardless of your nationality my Brothers & Sisters, take a look at the urls to the right and below.... then decide if maybe the closet door should be ripped off and thrown away so as to keep our military front and centre and respected each and every day for the heavy lifting they do so that we might sleep in peace tonight and every night.

British Forces at War: As Witnessed by an American

Its hard to come home.pdf
News From The Front

With The U.S. Marines

Operation Iraqi Freedom

With the British Army
Operation Telic

With The Canadian Forces
Operation Archer

DECEMBER 7, 1941

Click Here: A Different Christmas

The Final Inspection

(Quite powerful, brothers)

A Call To Arms...
A Call To ArmsCamp Fallujah, Iraq, 2005:

While he was raised In Texas, Brother Lance Corporal Cody Powell, USMC, (whose parents live outside Forney, Texas) is a member of New River Lodge No. 736 AF&AM, Jacksonville North Carolina. It was through a brother marine that he was "brought to light".

Brother Cody (See his pic below) is the inspiration behind the Operation Iraqi Freedom coin. He sent email asking for a United States version of the Harm's Way coins on the coins page of this website which were made up for Brother Masons of the British Army in Iraq and for "my" Canucks in Afghanistan.

Brother Powell wanted to have 25 coins made that he could give out to fellow Masons serving in the "Sand Box". I dreamed up a design for him and we agreed upon a price. But then I changed my mind -- I just didn't want this soldier paying for such a coin. I felt it can be something we brethren could... no should handle on the homefront as a token of Brotherly Love and Affection.

Now we are beginning to locate brethren across Iraq and many, many more sponsors are needed. Every serving Mason deserves this little piece of metal with our thanks -- and maybe a letter -- and even a care package.

Brother Cody: Old habits die hard -- guess a former Army guy doesn't call a Marine a "soldier". ... I could add another sentence or two but I think the shot has been effectively taken and now I will just hunker down and await the "incoming".

Your brother, rtj/

Peace Makers Pictures

It's the Soldier, not the reporter
who has given us the freedom of the press.

It's the Soldier, not the poet,
who has given us the freedom of speech.

It's the Soldier, not the politicians
that ensures our right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

It's the Soldier who salutes the flag,
who serves beneath the flag, and whose coffin is draped by the flag.

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SFC G.S.Robinson III
 SFC G.S.Robinson III
LC Martin
L Cpl Martin
SFC James Woods
RW Wilson
RW WIlson
Chris Davenport
Chris Davenport
Christopher 'badass' Dibble
Chris 'Badass' Dibbell
Brother Jon Hofmeister
Brother Jon Hofmeister
LC Cody Powell
LCpl Cody Powell
Lt. Col. Kitchens
Lt. Col. G. H. Kitchens
K.J. Gilbert
J Fussell
SSG J. Fussell
SP4 Robert Taylor
SP4 R. Taylor
SGT Caillouet
SGT Caillouet
Civilian Firefighter
Firefighter "Dog" Vintila
B. K. Ross
B. K. Ross
M. McCrossin
Mike McCrossin
SSGT DG Smith jr.
SSGT D.G. Smith Jr.
Group - Al Taqaddum, Iraq
J. Pearson
J. Pearson
Canadian Armed Forces
Capt. T. Smith Jr. Canada
rtj bird
The Eagle Has
Left The Building
Brother J. Kopinetz
(& a Puzzle!)
Gunnery Sergeant W. J. Dixon
GSGT. Dixon w/ Ollie North
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P.S. Folks: More photos of our serving brothers are coming.
P.P.S. : If anyone is interested, Baghdad, Iraq is 8 hours ahead of Eastern USA time and does observe Daylight savings time.

Or...Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +3 hours
Daylight saving time: +1 hour
Current time zone offset: UTC/GMT +4 hours

If your Lodge has a web page, please feel free to link to this page. We thank you for your support...and they thank you for your support.

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