JJ Anderson

Bro Cpl Jordan James Anderson

A member of the Edmonton-based 3rd Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry.

Brother Anderson was Initiated on 20 September 2006, Passed 18 October 2006, and Raised 17 January 2007. While working at a bingo for the Cornerstone Society in Edmonton in February, only four days prior to his second deployment to Afghanistan, Bro Anderson explained that he was looking forward to going to Afghanistan, and he did so with confidence and courage.

He was only weeks away from the end of his tour of duty, from his 26th birthday and from his second wedding anniversary with the love of his life, Amanda, when on 4 July 2007 the armoured vehicle in which he was riding hit a roadside bomb 20 kilometres southwest of Kandahar, killing Brother Anderson, five other soldiers (including three from the PPCLI), and an Afghan interpreter.

So another brave brother trades his life for our freedom. While we salute him and all who fell before and those who fell after, we have to ask... why. Why is world peace so elusive.