Local Masons Present Special Dog Tags to Wounded Marines

Wounded Warrior On June 23rd, 2006, five members of Semper Fidelis Lodge 680, Jacksonville, North Carolina, paid a visit to the "Wounded Warrior" Barracks at nearby USMC Camp Lejeune.

Those of us present from the lodge were :
Col. Michael Hussey; Capt(USN) Ric Welton; WBro Harvey Lambka, Capt USMC (Ret); Junior Warden Denny Norris, Msgt USMC (Ret); and, Myself, Howard Kahn, PM Secretary of Semper Fidelis Lodge, GySgt USMC (Ret).

We were given a tour of the barracks by one of the residents. The barracks have been redesigned to fit the needs of these Wounded heroes. They have every comfort they could possibly need to expedite their recovery. The greatest comfort is that they have is each other to lean on. The community has so embraced them.

Last fall Semper Fidelis Lodge prepared a picnic lunch for these warriors at their barracks. Yesterday they told us it was one of the best meals they've had. We will be doing the same in September.

When we presented each of them the Pewter Dogtag they were not only appreciative but were impressed by the quality and that a Brother from Canada had made this possible.

While we were there we heard no complaints. Those who can are anxious to return to their units, others to return to their family. One young hero whose arm had been amputated was excited about returning home shortly to his wife and son.

When we left the barracks were humbled and in awe of these young Marines and proud to have been a part of bringing them a moment of joy.

Submitted by:
Howard Kahn Past Master, Secretary, Semper Fidelis Lodge No. 680 UCMC 1961 -1981, VietNam 1966 -1967, 1975 evacuation of VietNam
(Wbro. Kahn is pictured in the light blue golf shirt)
(View the Dogtag)

A note from rtj/PM

My Brothers:

The Wounded Warrior Dog Tags and other projects for masons under arms
are done on my own "hook". However, I can always use a couple of bucks
when a brother can spare it. Today, 24 June, 2006, I ordered 50 more
Wounded Warrior dog tags from my manufacturer. And I know that many,
many more will be required -- all branches of service, including the
Canucks from my homeland up here in the great white north. We have a
little over two thousand troops chasing Taliban b... in Afghanistan.

If you "can spare a dime", I can be reached in the following manner:

1. via paypal at:

2. by mail at:

R.T. James
9 Collins Grove Ridge
Dartmouth, NS
Canada, B2W 5Y2

Tel: 1.902.433.1975

Many thanks my brothers,