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Peace Makers Pictures

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Tommy Franks and Mike Crossin
Tommy Franks
& Mike McCrossin
Wounded Warriors
Tom Smith & the Canadian PM
Captain Tom Smith
w/ Canadian PM
Ollie North and "dog" Vintila
Oliver North (Ret)
w/ JohnRae Vintila
D. Davidson
Zach Smith
Zachary Smith
Sgt. Turner
Sgt. N. Turner
M. Hamilton
MSgt C.E. "Beau" Bowden
Chief Gary Pirkig
Chief Gary Pirkig
1SG Wielgus
Carl In Iraq
Msgt Bickle
MSgt Bickle
Lt. Shanks
1LT T. J. Shanks USAF
Three Canadians
Three in Kabul
Kevin Glover
SPC K. Glover
Marlon Romero
Marlon Romero.
Danial L. Hall
Danial L. Hall
SSG Juan Rodriguez
SSG J. Rodriguez
WB Eubank
WB Paul Eubank
James Nelms
James Nelms
Lt. Frank Selden
1LT Frank Selden
George Page
George Page
A.J. Bork
A.J. Bork
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P.P.S. : If anyone is interested, Baghdad, Iraq is 8 hours ahead of Eastern USA time and does observe Daylight savings time.

Or...Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +3 hours
Daylight saving time: +1 hour
Current time zone offset: UTC/GMT +4 hours

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