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Custom Pricing
Like buying a car, there is no set price on ordering a custom lapel pin or coin. Cars come in different models, sizes and with different options. Pricing of pins and coins depends on many factors:
  1. size
  2. Quantity
  3. number of colours, if any
Our products are made of No. 1 Grade Pewter then either bronzed or plated to order. Each item is hand coloured.

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t-MC82Pendel.jpg - 3239 Bytes   t-MC44
m76    t-MC33   Worshipful Master
t-EastGate    t-MC41   t-MC84
   Maine Mason   MC37
York Rite Pennies      t-M84       York Rite Penny

Custom Pins are great for visitations!
MC55    t-MC014Helena.jpg - 7267 Bytes   t-MC243dLAAD.jpg - 8534 Bytes    MC20
t-CWL    CS1    CS2
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