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Masonic or Military Custom orders...

From the sample artwork below you will see that we can produce just about any type of coin, lapel pin, ornament or dog tag you might like. Our work is done in pewter, then "plated" .... either in gold or by bronzing. Each item is hand coloured.

We do not charge for artwork, nor are there setup fees or any other additional costs, except shipping. Generally, coins are priced from about $6.00 each in lots of 25 to 50, then the price drops with quantity. Pricing is naturally higher if a Lodge/Brother wants to add colour or colours. Price is also based on the size of a lapel pin, coin or ornament. Lapel pins usually size out at 7/8' or less; coins are 1.5 inch and larger; ornaments are just a bit over 2 inch. Make 'em bigger and they weigh down your Christmas tree. That job is usually handled by the kids, grandchildren, or the cat or dog.

Here are some samples for your consideration. You can use the ideas below as a template OR come up with a completely new design of your own which we will be happy to pull together into something nice.

Custom Pricing
Like buying a car, there is no set price on ordering a custom lapel pin or coin. Cars come in different models, sizes and with different options. Pricing of pins and coins depends on many factors:
  1. size
  2. Quantity
  3. number of colours, if any
Our products are made of No. 1 Grade Pewter then either bronzed or plated to order. Each item is hand coloured.
Note: We have added many new lapel pins including various U.S. State Pins to our lapel Page.
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Custom Bytown Fire Brigade Canada
Bytown Fire Brigade
Delaware Child ID Pin

Delaware Child
ID Pin
Custom Sample Basic
Design Coin
Army-Navy 2 Inch
Brushed Pewter
Cass Lodge Cass Lodge 2 Inch
Brushed Pewter
National Sojourners General Robert F.Travis
National Sojourners

Patuxent National Sojourners Patuxent National Sojourners
Craig S. Meyer Craig S. Meye -Memoria -Coin

Andrew Jackson Lodge Andrew Jackson Lodge
Coverdale Lodge Coverdale Lodge
Grand Lodge of Texas Golden Trowel Award
Recycled Master Recycled Master

Duncanville Fire Department Duncanville Fire Department
Fiddles Fiddles
Margaret Pirkig Memorial Coin Margaret Pirkig Memorial Coin

Clyde Lodge
Texas Coronado Lapel
Deer Park Deer Park Lodge
Wear Red on Fridays Wear Red on Fridays Lapel
Cass Lodge Cass Lodge 2 Inch
Brushed Pewter
Dog Tag
Fort Nelson Lodge No. 179 Fort Nelson Lodge No. 179
Ft. Nelson 179 Fort Nelson Lodge 179
1" Lapel Pin
Richard T. James WM Richard T. James WM
RM317 Archer Operation Archer

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