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Like buying a car, there is no set price on ordering a custom lapel pin or coin. Cars come in different models, sizes and with different options. Pricing of pins and coins depends on many factors:
  1. size
  2. Quantity
  3. number of colours, if any
Our products are made of No. 1 Grade Pewter then either bronzed or plated to order. Each item is hand coloured.
Note: We have added many new lapel pins including various U.S. State Pins to our lapel Page.
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KSA Baltimore  KSA Baltimore Lapel Badge Jackson Lodge  Jackson Lodge Lapel
Milton Lodge Milton Lodge Lapel
Fordoche Lodge 100 years Fordoche Lodge
100 Years
Helion Lodge Helion Lodge Department of Homeland Security Department of Homeland Security
Helena Lodge Helena Lodge 140 Years Dan Scarber
Provincial Director Lodge Provincial Director Lodge British Mark Token Grotto Santa Lapel
Texas Navy Texas Navy Lapel     

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