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The Masonic Shop
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Howdy dudes & dudettes. 

Ok, ok, the more "formal greeting".

(I don't know why folks think I'm cultured. I always thought that was
for pearls)

Brother & Sisters,

What's hot? The kids stuff (especially the reversed G)

and stuff for the little woman.

Why? I have no idea.

It's just something I dreamt up since no one else on the planet does it.
Since my wife always pouted when I got something for myself I figured I should make something to
keep her happy. So... one for me, one for her. She pouts less now. (See? There was a method to my
madness) But it's still not fair. When we go shopping she gets lots of toys. I get... the bill.

Only one thing I did that was really dumb. I really wanted a golf shirt
I designed so I got my shirt and ordered her a bumper sticker.

You guessed it. I had to buy her a car too.


Moving right along...

Custom orders (and affliates pages). Some have told us that they are
interested in our affiliate program but don't want their Lodge products visible on our site. Well,
we've always had areas that are "hidden" from the general public.

Custom designs with a name on them are usually hidden as well, unless we have permission to publish them. I don't know why a
Lodge would not want to be seen by others (that's free advertising in itself and adds prestige) but
the option for not being seen has always been there. Just ask! It's especially handy for that custom
birthday or holiday gift.

I can't believe I had to buy her a car.

There's something you should know. In case you weren't aware, our
products are "print on demand". That means that nothing is sitting on a shelf waiting to be
shipped out. When an order comes in, it's printed fresh! That's why we note that items are shipped
within 48 hours. Some items take even longer. Same day shipping just wouldn't be feasible since we
have to make it before we ship it!

Now, that being said, if any order you place takes longer than it's
supposed to (again, 48 hours for most, some, as in the black t-shirts, up to 5 days), we want to know
about it! Every once in a while it happens. Someone drops the ball and
something slips through the cracks.

So please please please write us if something is holding up your order.
We'll double check everything and have someone kick the server to get your order moving.

A car...
Interesting site?
The international Masonic newsletter at:

Masonic Dog Tags, you say? Wait...

Masonic Dog Tags I type? Yep. Really cool!

Check out

I guess it could have been worse. I could have bought two shirts and got
two bumper stickers.


Don't forget to check out our wallpaper page. We still add to it once in
a while. Want wallpaper to match that Masonic Shop graphic? We do take requests. Sometimes even

And don't forget! If you're going to get her a bumper sticker, make sure
she already has a car.

Uh, no wait. I mean Don't forget! If you have some brothers or sisters
that may be interested in this newsletter, why not forward it to them? It will save me a stamp. (I can
put the savings towardz a car payment)

(Towardz? I figured if I spelled everything here correctly you'd wonder
if this newsletter edition was counterfit or knot)

In the meantime... Keep it square!