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Can't design things but would still like to sell them? (No website? No problem!)
First of all... what on earth is an affiliate program? Simply put, it's a way to get paid for doing practically nothing and doesn't cost you a cent. Or even to put it even more simply... it's like getting a 15% cash rebate on everything you or anyone else buys. And no, it's not a MLM scheme or anything that anyone would consider even slightly unethical.

If you've never heard of it before it may be time to take a look around. It's not something new at all. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find a store web site today that doesn't offer one. I'm not talking about little shops here. I'm talking about those giant chain stores that you drive to and shop at almost daily.

Take a look at your favorite shopping site and you will most likely find "affiliate program", "partner program", "join associates" or whatever somewhere on their site. Generally down at the bottom of the page. EVERYONE is doing it. Offering a commission on any sales you drive to their website. Most offer a few % of their sales and rarely go above 10%. And, you really have to drive a ton of sales to them for that 10% commission.

Not so here. We offer 15% on EACH and every sale.

So, would you like to open a store but don't think you have the time to design some things to put in it? Would you like to make money on our products but don't want to invest any money? Well... stand by. We have some great news for you.

What do you have to do to get this free money? NOTHING. Well, ok you have to sign up for it. After that, just tell us what your needs are and we supply everything you need for your own section... free! That is, no charge. Nothing. Nada.

Do you have a website or maybe a friend with one? (Have a retail store? Whole other ball game. Ask about our custom work just for you)

Don't have a website? No problem. We'll MAKE you one. FREE!. You can still get some personalized custom products into your Lodge members hands (or even other Lodges) completely free and make money on them to boot.

Join The Masonic Shops Affiliate Program

Offer Masonic (or Non-Masonic) Items and get $cash$ for your efforts

Make 15% on our Retail Prices. Not after you hit a certain level. That's on each and every sale!

That's right! You can put specially tagged links on your website to our unique T-shirts and Gifts and you'll be making money on EVERY sale that YOU refer!
You can pick and choose which items you'd like to "carry", or... carry our whole line! We have quite a number of non-Masonic items as well if you have a non-Masonic web site.

  1. There are NO fees to pay (aka... free!)
  2. You will NOT have to include our Branding (meaning our Mastheads or Logos).
  3. Just add a link to your site or create your own store look!
  4. We take care of everything! Secure ordering, Shipping, Toll Free Customer Service & more!
  5. All you're doing is posting a link and getting people to click and buy!
  6. No Web site? No problem. Just email your members a link or put it right in your trestle board.
  7. Need a web site? No problem. We can build a simple one page site for you. Also free. All you have to do is ask.
  8. Need banners for your site? Right here.

Do you have to be In the USA? ABSOLUTELY NOT! You can get your payment sent anywhere in the world. Direct deposit and paypal are also available.

So use your web site to make some money for yourself or use your Lodge's web site to make money for your Lodge. Or ask us and we'll make one for you
(Something like: Or It's like fund raising with virtually NO effort (and NO investment) and it keeps working for you 24/7/365.

Furthermore, if you want us to customize some products for your Lodge, it's not a problem.(There is no charge for basic designs*) It's like getting a rebate check for anything your members buy with your Lodge name on it!.

Ready to get started? Need more info? Click on "Here's how!" Let the eye's take you through it.

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Last update: March 9, 2012

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*We customize for you at no extra charge. That is, we'll put your Lodge name, your name or whatever on virtually anything we handle along with any of our designs. If you want a custom design, we would have to get an idea of what you want, but generally we do this at no charge as well. Obviously it depends on how intricate the design you need is.


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