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The Masonic Shop
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Howdy dudes & dudettes. 

Don't blame me! You signed up for this news-leader! (whoa... heavy, man)

Another month has gone and went. (Somehow that just doesn't sound right)

Ok, last time we said we left the Shrine magnets & buttons in the Shrine section since we didn't 
have much in the way of Shrine stuff. Well, we put em in the fund raisingers section cuz we have a 
few more Shrine items. (mucho more!) Not to mention our D ot N items. Oops, just mentioned 
them. Sorry. 
And take a gander at our Shriners wives section. Keep those design ideas coming! You send em, 
we'll make em!

International Wall clocks! Yep. We got em. What's your nationality? French? Italian? Slovak? 
German? You can now get a wall clock in your language! Czech em out!
If you don't see your country, just drop us a line! We'd be happy to create one for you.

Oh, and a reminder. Just because you check out all the t-shirts (or whatever), don't think you've 
seen all the designs. All designs aren't on everything! It may be on an organic t-shirt, for instance,  
but not on a white t-shirt, etc. etc.. Of course that doesn't mean we can't put it on another product 
for you. All you have to do is ask!

Yes, yes I know. We had a bit of a problem with the form but that's been taken care of. When all else 
fails, try, try again. (Trying to save space here by combining quotes to make no sense whatsoever)

We now have some stuff for the ladies too. No, not just OES. Stuff for the better half. (I had to say 
that. Mines looking over my shoulder.) Uh oh... but honey, I saw you standing there. It's only a joke! I 
knew you were reading this. (How was I supposed to know she'd come back?)
sigh... She didn't buy it. Tonight's couch night I see. :(
Maybe I should get her a ladies t-shirt. 

I don't know if you've ever stumbled across this site, but it's pretty much the king of Masonic info 
sites. At least, I think so. Then again... wudooeyeno?

Off the wall Masonic stuff? Don't forget the Junqueyard!

er, since I have a lot of off the wall stuff, maybe I should have said off the waller? 

What's a waller?

Things you maybe didn't know... 

Did you know the square and compass is not really a square and compass? 
HAH! Gotcha! It's actually a pair of compasses. (Like in scissors) 
So, while square and compass is accepted, it should really be square and compasses! 

For all of you who knew this... Think you're smart huh? 
For all of you who didn't... I feel so incredibly intelligent now! 

Ordering prints. Hard to tell what they really look like so we added a "kind of" close up of them 
section. You can find the link in our Frequently Asked Questions section. Or if you don't wanna go 

Wow. This is kinda short. I can't beleive I'm at a loss for words. Since I can't spell, that is probably a 
good thing. 

Don't forget to check out our wallpaper page. We still add to it once in a while. Want wallpaper to 
match that Masonic Shop graphic?  We do take requests. Sometimes even seriously!

Well, it's getting late and I'm going to go to b... sigh... couch now. (I have much sadness) 
In the meantime... Keep it square!  

The Masonic Shop
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