Masonic glassware, jewelry, rings and jewels for the mason

    Global Merchandise Organization is a Canadian company specializing in a variety of general merchandise for the giftware industry. We handle thousands of items from every corner of the world. We sell retail as well as wholesale.

    Alabaster (ivory) items, Cork sculptures, Jewelry, Jewelry boxes, Handpainted clowns, Merry go rounds, Water Globes, Miniature sculptures, office supplies, Dollhouse furniture, Wallets, Luggage, Watches, and many other items too numerous to mention.

Canada - USA

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Masonic Cufflinks
Masonic Regalia and Jewelry - Masonic 14k Gold & Black Onyx Cufflinks

Masonic 14k Gold & Black Onyx
Also all types of Fine Masonic, OES & Shrine Jewelry including rings, watches, etc.

Design personalized gifts at The Masonic Shop V.
Make Custom Masonic, OES & Shrine gifts at The Masonic Shop V

The Masonic Shop Five For quality, Unique Masonic Giftware, please visit

(The largest Masonic Shop on the planet)
Mugs, Steins, Sweat shirts, Hats, & More!
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Fine Masonic Jewelry

The OES II Shop    Customize it yourself here!

The Shriners II Shop    Customize it yourself here!

The Masonic Shop V    Customize it yourself here!

The Masons Scarves, Umbrellas, knit caps, track pants, more.

Gifts for the Freemason
(We Ship Worldwide)
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