The Masonic Shop
The Masonic Shop
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Hi again Dudes n' Dudettes!

It's me, that wild n' crazy guy.

Uh... no, not Steve Martin. Me. I can be even dumber than Steverino. I
mean... oh, nevermind.

I'm considering opening up another shop. Closing The Masonic Shop? Nope.
Just adding another company that does more colored shirts than we handle
now. Film at 11.

And a wall art shop. (Hey, I'm busy!) Check it out. Not much there yet,
but... c'mon, there's only one o' me! When you click on a pic you get a
framed price (which you can modify with a billion choices) but you can
order just the print and frame it yourself. You can get it printed on
canvas or 9000 other things. Well, ok maybe not 9000.

Check throughout the site. We have some new items for the Masonic lewis
and the OES patron. (Along with a few jillion other things as well)
Hey! Don't forget to check our holiday section. We have
the 4th/memorial day, St. patty's day for the Irish in us, halloween,
dad's day and more. At least I think there's more. Don't make me go

Some of those are already over? Oh. I'm kinda slow. :( Old isn't
really as much fun when you're old. :/
Wall switch plates? Just about gone. They're supposed to disappear on the 16th. So
if they ain't there... they're probably gone. If you go to the link
below and you don't see any, then they aren't there. (Sometimes I amaze
even me with my brilliant deductive reasoning)
________________ AGGHHH!
THE CHILDREN!!!! :( I have much sadness. Again. I had nothing for the
Shriners kids. No one told me. :( (Hey, I'm not too bright you know.)
(Let's not go there please.) If you think something is missing, please
let me know. The oversight came to me on its own. Who knew I'd have an
actual brainstorm?
Coupons, we got coupons!!! If you
don't like the one currently on Cafepress you can use this one… $5 Off
$20 Coupon

Expires: Aug 19, 2006

I'm looking for stars! Want to be on the TMS (The Masonic Shop) web
page? As you know (yeah, sure you do), I'm going to start archiving the
newsletters on the website. (Well, ok, one of these days) (When I get a
round tuit) If you have one of our shirts (or whatever) and would like
to be seen alllll over the world... send us a pic of you wearing it. Or
using it (unless you're scrubbing the floor with it) or throw... uh...
wait. I have to draw the line somewhere.

Links to other shops you may enjoy...

Don't forget to check out our wallpaper page. We still add to it once in
a while. (and we do take requests)

Ok, I'm outta here. Almost out of coffee so I have to run to the store.

Um... honey? Can I take the car?

But... it's two miles.

Uh... ok...

How about the truck?

I see...

Anyway, as i said, I have to RUN to the store. :(

In the meantime... (pant, pant) Keep it square!



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