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Expires: Jul 24, 2006
We have Masonic Hoods.
Um... wait, there's no such thing as a Masonic gangster.
We have Masonic sweatshirts with hoods.
Um... no, they aren't sweatshirts that come with gangsters.
We have Masonic sweatshirts with head coverings.
No, they don't cover your whole head.
We have Masonic sweatshirts with head coverings with a hole for your
face! Does any of this make sense?
Into crazy stuph?
Check out for funny stuff etc. (May be a tad risque for some)

Ok, remember how I got trapped into buying the little woman a car last
time? Well, I had a chance to trade on a pick up truck. So... I traded
the wife in on it. She came back. Quite unhappy. She now has a car and
a truck. I think I'm in over my head. Anyway...

No effort fund raising! Maybe you haven't noticed, but our goal is to
help you raise funds and get rolling on your own humanitarian projects.
It's not about our shop at all, it's about you joining us and using us
to raise funds. And no, we don't mean by buying buttons or magnets. The
light is there brothers. You just need to seek. The shop was never about
making money for us, it's about making money for you! Please check out
our affiliate program. The less we make, the more we like it!

Did you notice that when you click on a picture of a product you can
zoom in even larger? Yup. There's a teeny weeny button that lets you
"view larger" and then you can even "zoom in on image" for an even
closer look. Nothing like the real thing but a lot better than those
teeny pictures.
Remodeling the Lodge kitchen? Tile coasters
aren't just for setting your drinks on. You can use a few for some great
accent tiles on your back wall. Some have even tiled coffee tables for
the Lodge lounge area and even their Altar. Who'd a thunk it? Masonic
ingenuity at it's finest. I love these ideas. Wish I was smart enough to
think of them.
Don't throw out those old calendars!!! Need a cool picture and have your own frame? Our wall calendar pictures are
roughly 8.5 x 11, so with a bit of trimming you can add them to your old
frames! Or new frames. I'm easy. Umm... after the year is over, of

I find the best frames are those you can find at like Wally world for 2
bucks. The document/certificate frames. They have a bigger viewing area.

Then again, if you like fancy you can always run out and pick up a small
Van Gogh or something and just paste it over that picture. It may fit
better if you just throw out the picture and use the frame alone, but if
you do I'd appreciate a tip on where you throw it.

Why do we note competitors now and then? Because we don't feel we have
any. Any shop selling Masonic stuff is promoting Masonry. We just want
to help brothers as well as sisters by helping to give them a way to
have recognition. The more they wear something relating to Masonry, the
more Masonry is recognized. We don't care where you got it. The more
we're recognized, the more members we get. Simple as that. So,
competition doesn't exist. It's all the same family.
Oh, I have to clarify something. I'm sorry to say that something I said
before may not be entirely true. I said, "since everything for The
Masonic Shop is designed in house, we have unique items found nowhere
else". Well, there's something I never thought of. I can't with
absolute certainty say that it's unique. I never thought about off the
planet. Who knows what copy cats are out there? I have much sadness now.
Links to other shops you may enjoy...
Wanna be a web star? Send
us a pic with you wearing one of our things and we'll put you on the
Don't forget to check out our wallpaper page. We
still add to it once in a while. (and we do take requests)

In the meantime... Keep it square!



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