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Yo, Brother Dudes n' Sister Dudettes!

Brace yourselves, I'm back!

I can't believe it's July already. And even that's about shot.

Lets see, the last newsletter was... when? Umm... oh... last year? (insert sheepish grin) No, I'm not overdue, just
lazy. If you can't believe you signed up for this you can rest assured... neither do I!

And welcome to the bazillion new folks since the last newsletter went out.

(A note to those of you who may be new to the newsletter... if some of this doesn't make sense. It's not you!)

Remember, you can catch up on past newsletters in the newsletter archive on the main page. This is kind of like an
ongoing plog. No, not blog. Plog. You have to plod your way through this mess... er, I mean illustrious newsletter!

Furnace? They're still trying. Anybody out there know anything about them? ::: sigh :::

Ok, onward and sideways:
Sales... Yup, we got some. No secret sales yet but some goodies for ya anyway.

Liquidation sale on Jr. Jerseys for the better half. Or the OESers. Or Mrs. Shriner. (Which are generally the better
half too) Yup, closing them out. No, not the better halves (except in my dreams), the Jr. Jerseys.

:::sorry dear:::

::: I know. It was kind of mean:::

::: really honey. It was just a joke::::

::: sure, I'll take you shopping::::

:::sigh... farewell $$$:::

:::Regaining composure and stumbling right along... :::

They'll be replaced by a new style from American Apparel once the old ones are gone. So if you want some, get 'em while
they're hot, cuz when they're gone... they're gone.

And Parents day is the 26th of July! Don't forget mom 'n dad.

::: of course, dear. After all, you're a mom:::

:::: mumbling incoherently:::

::: oh no dear. Just clearing my throat:::

::: sigh :::

And if that isn't enuff, we got free shipping on orders over $65 until the 20th. Just see the web site for the coupon


So, what else is new?

First of all

::: yes dear? Oh, quite right. :::

Ok, second of all. The sales were first.

We got embroidery! Wheeee! It's called infinistitch. A new patented process that allows our designs to be embroidered on
select shirts, caps and... JACKETS!!!

Yup. We got jackets.

We got denim shirts.

We got polo shirts.

We got stone washed caps.

We got military caps.

We got heartburn.

::::Yes dear?::::

Oh, ok. I got heartburn. Sorry. BRB


Ok, I'm back.

Here I am.



::: Yes dear? :::

::: I just assumed they'd applaud ::::

::: well they did when I left :::

::: Oh well:::

We got ceramic pet bowls for mans best friend as well as the real master of the house (aka kitty).

We got banners.

We got yard signs. Wait. Scratch that. We already had yard signs so they aren't new.

So, in other words, we got stuff. Over 17,000 different stuffs. I got stuffs for bikers, stuffs for musicians, stuffs
for doctors, stuffs for nurses, stuffs for hams, (ummm... no, that would be the radio kind) stuffs for barbers, stuffs
for racing fans... and all kinds of professions. (Sorry, got tired of typing stuffs. If we don't have your stuffs, just


The Masonic card shop has been expanded greatly. Now with birthday and sympathy sections. Regular and military. Sadly,
the sympathy cards have been a big hit.

I didn't think of that, though. You guys did. I was pretty much stuck on just holiday cards. And I'm sure many brothers
and sisters thank you for giving me the idea to expand upon them. I'm surely grateful.

::: No, pumpkin. Surely, not Shirley. You know you're the only one for me! :::

::: rolling eyes :::

::: OUCH :::

::: Keep forgetting about that mirror in front of me :::

Actually, the military sympathy cards were really hard for me to do. I really couldn't do them without a tear in my eye.
But I guess it had to be done.

Anyway, I hope you get a kick out of the birthday cards. They were fun.

ooooo.... deja vu again.

17,000. Yup. Finally broke the 17,000 items barrier. Actually we have 17,210 unique items (stuffs) just for you and
that's only in our main shop. Not to mention our other shops. Have you checked them out yet?


As always, If you have a special something you'd like made up (in any of my shops), just let me know.

Some deja vu-ish kinda stuff...

Coupons? Since some of you are forgetting that there are usually coupons available even when you don't see them on the
cafepress site. But if you hit our main page, you'll see we have coupon(s) you can use. I try to keep them up to date
but sometimes it just runs away with me. Just pick the one best for you. And, they are re-useable. You can use it on one
purchase, then go back later and use it on another purchase. We're easy. I just hate when there's a coupon available
somewhere and I want to buy twice what the coupon is worth. Well, not so here. I can order half of what I want, use the
coupon, then go back and order the other half and... you guessed it. Use the coupon again. Is that cool or what?

Ok, back to non deja vu

What else is new...

Umm.... Oh yeah! The Themed Section is growing. Rather quickly. I stuff a lot of stuffs there. And remember, a lot of
the sections througout the site have more sections inside the sections. You might say some sections are stuffed with
more stuffs.

The Regional Section (state, location or country) is growing rapidly as well. Again, this section is by request. Just
don't have time to figure out if someone wants something for their own state or country or city or whatever, so if you
request an assortment of products for your area, just ask. We'll make them for you.

Regional ceramic mugs and ceramic beer steins still have their own section in the regular mugs and steins section. So if
you need a regional mug or stein, they'll go there. Why not keep them in with the regional things? I have no idea. I
never said I was the sharpest knife in the drawer.


Don't forget the comic section. Seems to be a popular area! (Who knew?) With all the custom orders coming in lately I
haven't had too much time to add more of my warped humor there, but I'll get there! Keep checking!


Oh, before I forget, another reminder. (Hey, I'm old. I forget easy!)

I get email for custom designs all the time. But every once in a while I email back for some more information and never
hear from them again. So if you've ever written to me, I answer everything that has a question to it. If you haven't
heard back from me within a day or two, please email me again. I kinda long for the good old days when email was more
efficient than snail mail. It just never got lost. Now it gets lost as often as me.

Then again, I'm not too sure that's possible. But I digress.

Of course, AOL users sometimes forget that they have their internet email turned off. So, they can only get mail from
someone also on AOL. So if you're on AOL and haven't heard back... please check your settings! Then again... you won't
get this newsletter either so I have no idea why I'm reminding you here.

Oh, and some of you may not know that our contact form is not email. All web page forms are different than email. So
when you type in your email address it MUST be correct. Whatever email you type in the form is the only thing we have to
contact you with. If you mis-spell it, we can't contact you. So please be careful and double check what you put in.

The linky stuff

(Yes, that's correct. Linky, not kinky)

For Affiliates...

Wow. You guys have been amazin'! Makes a Mason proud to know he's helping with your fund raising needs and I thank you
for that.

For those of you just starting out, remember, your customers need to be reminded it's there. So if you do nothing else
but set it up and wait, it will likely just fade away for you. Keep bringing it up, think about fund raising programs
you can use it for. Get the word out and keep getting the word out or it will just decay and dry up on the vine. That's
why giant companies advertise. They're making millions every day but they still advertise all over the place. Their idea
is to keep their name in front of customers or they'll eventually forget them just when they're looking for products
they carry. Repetition is the name of the game.

It's up to you to keep them interested. For instance, you can start a fund raising program with say... a tote bag (or
whatever). Let them know that it's great to take shopping with them and not use the store bags that you throw out
anyway. (Think green!) Or have a special stein made for that installation or whatever. How about a hat or maybe a
License plate frame with your Lodge on it.

You're limited only by your imagination. I'm here to help, but I can't help unless you're willing to help yourself as
well. You can take orders for the product, have them pay you for it and then order what you need. No guessing and no
getting stuck with extra products. And most importantly, you need no up front money at all. (Remember to factor in

And remember, there is a 100% money back guarantee. So if something isn't right, they'll fix it or give you a refund. I
do NOT want you to keep something you are not satisfied with. Not good for you, not good for me. Just use the 800 number
on the page and complain! This is print on demand so once in a great while something may pass quality control and get
out the door by mistake. If it's not up to your expectations, call them!

Ok, mini rant over.

Don't forget, we have a banner page you can use for linking to us and if you need a special color or size or style...
just let me know and I'll make you something.

And yes, there's a banner page for those who aren't affiliating as well.

And yes, we are still building you a one page web site for those who haven't got one at all. We can put a blurb about
your Lodge on it and a link to the shop with your ID on it so you get commissions on everything you sell.

Ok, so that wasn't very linky. How about this?

Don't know if you know it, but there is a site map to all our stuff (and even more).

Don't forget. You can still send me pictures of your Lodge to post in the "Lodges of the World" area. It's free, so just
send in that picture via email. Be proud and show off your Lodge!


There are also links to some fine Masonic, OES and Shrine jewelry. Kind of pricey, but high quality. Actually incredible
stuff!!! Not your normal run of the mill rings n' things. Not much there I can afford, but it's really neat stuff! The
Hematite ring is positively jaw-droppingly stunning! (Well, ok, it is to me, but then again, you know me) You want
unusual, you got it! Oh, and there's a bit of a glitch in our Masonic pocket watches link. When you click on it, just
click on the Masonic Jewelry link and scroll down to the Masonic Pocket watches. There are also some unique Masonic
pocket watches in our Amazon store.


Then there's the OES shop, the Shriners shop, our ever expanding Masonic/OES/Shriner oriented shop, a bunch
of other Masonic products shops and... oh I forget. Check it out for yourself. I think you'll find it interesting. Well,
I hope you will anyway.

Oh yeah, an international shop too. (TMS III)
Great for those of you on the other side of the pond. Or is that... ponds. Like the EU and Japan. Pricing is in all
kinds of non US currencies (But still includes US). Your choice.

And... The Masonic Shop IV. No, it's not sick on an IV, it's number 4. Do I need to
explain everything? sigh. TMS 4 has hard goods. That is, watches, jewelry, dog tags, key chains and things of that sort.
Not the top quality 14k gold things like in the Jewelry shop, but more reasonably priced stuff. Check it out. And if
you'd like a different design on something there, just drop me a line.

The new shops still don't have very much in them (hey, I'm old and lazy) but we'll be adding to them and yes, we do take
requests for all those as well.

Ok, not that lazy.
:::yes dear?:::

::: I just figure what they don't know won't hurt them :::

::: you really think they know I'm lazy? :::

::: old works, though, huh?:::

::: I see :::



A lot of my time is taken up by custom designs. (Another reason why newsletters are so far and few between) And a lot of
those you never see on the web site because a lot have proper names on them. Of course, Lodge names go up because it's
like advertising your Lodge. But proper names go in a hidden directory for the person ordering.

I don't put anything with proper names on the site unless the person ordering wants them there. So if you ever wanted
something with your name (or a gift for someone) on it but decided against it because you didn't want the name to show
up on the web site... not to worry. I don't put them there for all to see unless you request it.

Just don't forget, if you want something special, don't order the product first and then ask me. Remember, all of our
designs are copyrighted by us and cafepress prints for us. They can't change anything. Not even add a name, so what you
see is what you get. If you order something from the web page, that's exactly what you'll get. For custom, ask me first,
I'll create it and then you can purchase it. Or not. Up to you. But there's never an obligation.


Ok, now for the deja vuey stuff...

Show off your own Lodge on line!!!

Links to other shops you may enjoy...

rtj's Junqueyard. Everybody knows about good ol' Brother Dick's site... (Unique Masonic coins, dogtags, lapel pins and more. Including Vietnam & Korean Vets coins!)

Really rockin' Masonic Embroidery anyone? Good people that do good work!
Don't forget to check out our wallpaper page. We still add to it once in a while. (and we do take requests)

Ok, I'm outta here.

I think I just heard a moan of sadness.

:::what's that dear?:::

::: a sigh of relief? :::

::: You really know how to hurt a guy:::


Just wanted to update you on the new disaste... er, changes. In the meantime... Keep it square!

(If you read all of this, aren't you glad my newsletters are so far and few between?) And yes, wherever you see "we"
here... you can substitute "I" for it. There's only me, myself and I here so "we" may be misleading. Or does me, myself
and I equal we? Makes my head hurt. Then again, my head always hurts. The way I think, it obviously has no choice.



No, my name is not Mickey and I'm not a mouse.

Then again my wife thinks... umm... maybe I won't go there.

P.S. As usual, I run all this through a spell checker before I send it. I like to see how many red lines I made before
I send it. No, I never fix em. Just like to count the squiggly red lines. Yes, I'm easily amused.

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