The Masonic Shop
The Masonic Shop
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Yo, Dudes n' Dudettes!

Just a quick update on the updates!

The garage door? DONE!!! Well, almost. Just a few adjustments.

Furnace? STARTED! Wheee!

Oh, wait. I'm thinking you wanna know what's new in the store.

I keep thinking you want to know what's new with me. ::::sigh::::

Now I'm depressed.


Ok, today is the last day for custom postage stamps and stamp buddies.
AND there's a blowout sale. So if you thought about them before... well,
last chance. Stock up if you got em before and if you never did, nows
the time. Like uh, now or never!

Is your lady with child? Well, we now have maternity tops. Yep, you
heard me right. Well, ok you didn't hear me but you did see the type I
typed. Maternity tops and The Masonic Shop. Who'd a thunk it?


Ok, reiteration raises itz ugly hed....


Since your pid will be changing, those of you who have web sites we put
up for you, you'll have to get back to me with

your new PID so we can change it for you on those sites.
The new Lodges of the World Section!
Yes, you can have your Lodge on line for all the world to see. Just
check out our Lodges of the World Page at

Send us that pic and you can show off your Lodge!

Some deja vu...

Coupons? Since some of you are forgetting that there are usually coupons
available even when you don't see them on

the cafepress site. But if you hit our main page, you'll see we have a
new feature that shows a selection of coupons

you can use. Just pick the one best for you. And, they are re-useable.
You can use it on one purchase, then go back

later and use it on another purchase. We're easy.

The linky stuff

(No, that's linky, not kinky)

Links to other shops you may enjoy... (Unique Masonic coins, dogtags, lapel pins and
more. Including Vietnam coins!)
Don't forget to check out our wallpaper page. We still add to it once
in a while. (and we do take requests)

Ok, I'm outta here. Just wanted to update you on the new disaste... er,
changes. In the meantime... Keep it square!



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