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Yo, Dudes n' Dudettes!

Now this is freaky. I sent a newsletter  last month and now this month.
Must be a new record. I don't think I ever sent them this close

Whoops. Yes I did. I just checked the archives. I keep forgetting I'm
senile. Not to mention getting more sadistic by the minute. I mean... 

friendlier. Yeah, that's it. Friendlier.   ::::whistling

So, what's new? Garage door. Old one was falling apart. Well almost new.
They needed some parts. I have a 3 week old almost garage door. 

And! Furnace died. Right around the time the garage door was almost
installed. Still waiting for all the stuff to come together. But it's
ok. It's sunny today so we just go outside to get warm.

Oh, wait. I'm thinking you wanna know what's new in the store. 

Silly me.

Ok, starting again. Please ignore the above. (I would have erased it but
I already sent this newsletter)


What's new? Lots. New colors, new styles almost here.

New products on the way:

- Kids Dark T-shirt: black, navy, royal, red 
- Plus Size Scoop Neck T-shirt: white 
- Plus Size Scoop Neck Dark T-shirt: black 
- Plus Size V-neck T-shirt: white 
- Plus Size V-neck Dark T-shirt: black

New colors to EXISTING apparel:

- Infant/Toddler T-shirt: yellow
- Kids T-shirt: Ash Grey

So, when, you might ask? Sometime this month. Unless it's next month.
But it should be this month. (Nobody tells me nothin) You'll have a hint

though. We'll probably have to go down for maintenance for an hour or
two to get it set up. So if you see us down, you'll know what's going

There are also a few new designs for Iraq veterans. Have I told you
lately that we're up to nearly 6,500 items in the shop?

I didn't?

We're up to nearly 6,500 items in the shop. 

There ya go.

Oh, let's not forget old St. Paddy. Bunches of stuff up for "the day" as
well. Seems we all turn Irish for one day a year. Glad to see a lot of
Brothers n' Sisters will be all decked out for the holiday. And the old
"Irish Steins" seems to be a must have. Gettin' late tho. If you want to
be seen at the local pub in style, better hop to it!

(Now you know why this is titled green day)

But what about Easter? 

Who said that?

Oh, it was me. 

Um... yeah, what about Easter? I have designers block over that. Anyone
with any ideas for something for Easter? I can't think of a thing. 

Appreciate some tips! Honest. I really would. 


(So our Spanish speaking readers don't have to translate that word. I
figgered I'd just throw that in to help em out. Now, I'd like to see
them translate figgered.)

Customization. Yep. We can put anything on anything we got. But
remember, you need to contact us directly before you order it. If you
just order something that says "you're name here", you'll get something that
says... "you're name here". Now, unless your name is Your N. Here... 
you'll be a tad disappointed. You see, since cafepress handles all our
printing, they don't tell me who bought what so I can't contact you to
tell you. Everything is automated so what you see is what you get!  So please
don't be afraid to ask about custom stuff before you order. 

Anything you want modified can be if you tell us what you want. 

See a shirt you like but want something else on the back? 

Don't want anything on the back? 

Only want it on the back? 

A shirt has something big in the middle and you want the design smaller
and in the pocket area? We can change it for you. 

No problem. 

Just tell us. 

Every single shirt can be modified to be whatever you want it to be. 

For free.

Well ok, almost every shirt. The basic shirts and dark colored shirts we
can only print on the front (so far). But we can move the design from 

pocket to tummy or vice versa. I'll bet you didn't know we had vices,
now did you?

So if you're looking at a shirt and say to yourself.... "Self, that's
great. But I wish it had something on the back". Of course, you might
also ask... 

"Self, that's great. But I wish it had nothing on the back".  just ask.
And quit talking to yourself. It's not healthy. At least that's what
they keep telling me. Over and over and over again. 

Affiliates fundraising? WoW. You guys n' gals are cool!. For those of
you who may be wondering, (yeah, I know you all are) there are
affiliates that are in hidden sections and sell custom things only to their own

Why would they, you might ask? I could tell ya but you'd be bored and
I'd have to get serious. I know most of you rather my delirious over my

serious mode. There is good reason, however. Um... that they'd want it
hidden, not that I'm delirious. There's absolutely no reason for me to
be delirious. But, what does my shrink know? Lucidity is not my forte'.

Anyway, not to worry. I'm not even making sense to myself, but that's
quite normal as most of you already know.

Some deja vu...

Coupons? Since some of you are forgetting that there are usually coupons
available even when you don't see them on the cafepress site. But if 
you hit our main page, you'll see we have a new feature that shows a
selection of coupons you can use. Just pick the one best for you. And,
they are re-useable. You can use it on one purchase, then go back later
and use it on another purchase. We're easy.

Did you know...? 

If you need graphics for your trestle board or maybe a flyer for a
fundraising project... all you have to do is ask. Just about ALL of the
graphics in The Masonic Shop are available for your Lodge use. Just tell us what you
would like and what size you need it. We'll make one you can use for 
printing flyers. Obviously we wouldn't want you to start printing items
for sale with them so it will come with our copyright on it. But you
can't beat the price. Free! :)


The linky stuff

(No, that's linky, not kinky)

Need fund raising?

Check out

Links to other shops you may enjoy...  (Unique Masonic coins, dogtags, lapel pins and
more. Including Vietnam coins!)
Don't forget to check out our wallpaper page. We still add to it once 
in a while. (and we do take requests)

Ok, I'm outta here.  I know it makes you sad, but I gotta get outside to
get warm a bit. In the meantime...  Keep it square!



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