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Just a note to let you know... the holidays are here.

Yeah, like you could miss it with all the stores decked out the way
they are. Even The Masonic Shop has tons of new holiday designs and

Anyway, just a quick note to let you know... I'm lost. (Duh) Custom
stuff (for the holidays) is pretty much over.

I can still put a name or personalization on some things for you (if you
hurry), but designing that special something custom from scratch is
pretty much out of the question by Christmas.

So if you really need that special modification (except for, as I said,
a name or some text) by the 25th... probably not going to happen.

But not to worry, if you need something graphically custom for after the
holidays, I'll be working on those when I can.

Just remember, we "print on demand", so if you really need something by
the 25th, time is getting short. I really don't want anyone
disappointed, so if you had something special in mind for that special
person, please get your order in soon. Sometimes we can get something
ready the same day you order it, but that's pretty rare. Usually takes 2
or 3 days. So I hope you'll take that into account when ordering. (And
remember, the longer you wait, the more expensive it becomes since you
have to choose faster shipping)
VERY IMPORTANT!!! Remember, custom orders have to be made by contacting
me directly at (preferably by filling out the
request form on The Masonc Shop's web site - )

If you order something that says "your name here" from the store without
notifying us first, you'll get something with "your name here" printed
on it. (Of course, if your real name is Your Name Here... well, there's
no problem) Contact us and we put your name on your item and tell you
where to order it from.

If all that is as clear as mud, maybe this will help clear it up...
Ok, below is the (mostly) regular garbage I include in every newsledder.
Even though this isn't a newz ledder. It's a notice about custom stuff
and time being short. What's the difference between a newsletter and a

I have no clue.

If you've never visited our "off the wall, non-Masonic section", check
it out and hopefully get a few laughs. They're "on loan" from the
Eclectically Incorrect shop. If you follow the link that's there to
their shop, you'll find a bunch of other strange things! But a word of
warning... some can be a tad "risque".

Coupons, we got coupons!!!
Well, sometimes. If you don’t like the one currently on Cafepress (or
maybe there isn't one at all) you can check this site out. Sometimes
they have others not listed anywhere else.

If one doesn't work, the other should. (They are actually two different

If you're lazy (like me), here's the latest coupon...

(This coupon is worth $5 off when you spend $20 or more)

" CAMERABARKS Once you've selected your items, you'll be prompted for
the code within then CafePress checkout process.

Your discount lasts until midnight on Dec 15, 2006"

I'm looking for stars! Want to be on the TMS (The Masonic Shop) web
As you know (yeah, sure you do), I'm going to start archiving the
newsletters on the website. (Well, ok, one of these days) (When I get a
round tuit) If you have one of our shirts (or whatever) and would like
to be seen alllll over the world... send us a pic of you wearing it. Or
using it (unless you're scrubbing the floor with it) or throw... uh...
wait. I have to draw the line somewhere. WoW. This whole thing is like
deja vu all over again.

NOTE: Update! The newsletters are now on line on our web page. Check 'em

Links to other shops you may enjoy...

And let's not forget brother Dick for those Masonic dog tags, coins n'
unique pins!

Don't forget to check out our wallpaper page. We still add to it once
in a while. (and we do take requests)

Ok, I'm outta here. In the meantime... Keep it square!



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