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Brother Dudes! Sister Dudettes!

Remember me? :)


Hey, it's October! Time of witches n' goblins n' zombies n' stuff.

Oh... it's November? No way!

Not too fond of goblins n' zombies anyway but I married a... er...

::: hope she didn't hear me::::

:::: why is she red?:::


Ok, limping right along....

Since last month's newsletter...

::: yes dear?:::

Wow. Last newsletter was August?

Wow. Ok, so I missed 3 months. Sorry.


August of last year? NO WAY! You cannot be serious! :(

Ok, so I'm slow. I remember when I used to remember.

I think.

Ok, limping... I already said that didn't I?


Ok, I'm trying to make this quick and short. (So far... it's not working)

Did you know that every day there are coupons on my main page? I'm not sure many do since most

orders don't use coupons. Go figger. I'm kinda thinking of sending out coupon newsletters whenever one comes along. But I

hate to have you guys (n' gals!) inundated by email notices about sales.

Not to mention, I'm kinda lazy. (See above)

::: yes dear, I'm sure they remember that :::

Remember, they are not always on the individual shop pages. You have to visit my main page!

For instance in the TMS V, OES II and Shriners II shops... Did you know that there are sales til the end of the year?

$5 Off Binders thru 12/31 - Coupon Code: BINDERS4SALE

25% Off Calendars thru Dec. 31st = Coupon Code: 2012ISCOMING

(Yes! You can change the calendar dates. Start now or start later)

You'll find these and usually more on our main page. But you won't usually see them in the shops. So if you are going to shop

our stores, please check for coupons first!

Anyway, I've been going nuts

:::yes, dear?::::


nuttser with custom orders and trying to keep the main web page updated with sales coupons. They change every 5 minutes

for the holiday season it seems. That's really the one you should have bookmarked. If you have bookmarks. This time of year

there's usually a ton of them.

And speaking of custom at this time of the year, if you need custom work please please let me know soon. It's nuts here!

Now, since we've surpassed 24,000 items I know it's tough to find stuff. A little bit of help may be at our sitemap.

At least you can get to a category quicker. Still can't help you decide what's best for you but maybe it will help.

Oh, and my secret sale page? CYBERMONDAY! Well, ok. From now until I remember to change it.

Check it out!!!

Once again, Cybermonday sale at...

And check out our CYBER MONDAY Jewelry sale!

Hey! A reminder that I stumbled across this neat Masonic newsletter page in pdf form from Rural Lodge AF&AM in

Massachusetts. But it has info from Lodges world wide. Check it out if you get a chance. Brilliantly done. You can even

subscribe if you like. Tell em The Masonic Shop sent ya!

Oh, and if you're from Texas, check out...

As the above, a lot of info from around the world. Also very well done!

Oh, and some may be wondering why on earth do I have 19 different shops. Well, these are various clearing houses that do

my printing and each have their own appeal and different products not found in the main shop. From skateboards to lanyards

to cutting boards to ties to dinner plates to frosted beer mugs to address labels and more. A lot more.

(Not to mention new items like jewelry to glassware to shot glasses to pajamas to stadium blankets to clear vinyl stickers and

more in our main shop. Much more.)

For instance, the Masonic Shop V (and OES II & Shriners II shops) gives the ability to customize your own products, so lately

I've been spending more time updating that one. Latest designs are going there first to make it easy on you (and easy on me).

Remember... I'm kinda lazy. :)

::: yes dear, I know they know :::

For instance, rather a frosted beer mug? Travel mug? Colored mug? Disappearing mug? Ceramic Stein? Change it yourself.

And add text if you'd like.

Don't get me wrong. I love customizing for Brothers (and Sisters!) but it's just quicker and easier for both of us.
Check out the "how to" page for TMS V and have fun designing your own products! No obligation to order anything! Kind of

like playing with a video game but with a purpose. :) Little bit of a learning curve but it can be a blast! And you can proudly say

"I made this"! :)
Ok, now for the kinda mostly deja vuey stuff...
If you didn't notice, here's the page that lets you know why you signed up here...

And here's newsletter archive in case you can't figure out what I'm talking about here. Ok, so you still may not be able to figger

it out but it's a shot. If you don't start from the first one, you'll probably be lost.

Show off your own Lodge on line!!!
Other Brothers pages!
Links to other shops you may enjoy...

rtj's Junqueyard. Everybody knows about good ol' Brother Dick's site... Unique Masonic coins, dogtags, lapel pins and more. Including Vietnam & Korean Vets coins and his

amazingly popular auto emblems! But not many realize that he wholesales as well!

Really rockin' Masonic Embroidery anyone? Good people that do good work!
Don't forget to check out our wallpaper page. We still add to it once in a while. (and we do take requests)
Yep. There's phone wallpaper too!

Free Masonic graphics you can request for your web site.
Oh! If you've never visited our "off the wall, non-Masonic section", check
it out and hopefully get a few laughs.

They're "on loan" from the Eclectically Incorrect shop. If you follow the link that's there to
their shop, you'll find a bunch of other strange things! But a word of
warning... some can be a tad "risque".

Ok, I'm outta here.

Keep it square! And support your local Lodge!
Not to mention the Shriners Hospitals... It's all about the kids.
Forward to a friend! You can forward this newsletter to anybody you like. We're not proud. We'll annoy anyone.

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here too in case your monitor is too short to see all the way to the bottom - If they forget to

send it to you, you won't get it! Get it? You can even read about why you'd want to sign up! Or why you wouldn't want to. Err... I

mean... who wouldn't want to? (Uh... that's a rhetorical question. I really don't want to know, so please no emails with a list)

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And if you didn't notice the store buster cyber monday sale page link above? Sorry, you'll just have to read all this again until

you find it!

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