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Brother Dudes! Sister Dudettes!

It's me. :)

Not really a newsletter, just a seasons greetings kind of thing.

It's that time of the year again. A time of joy. A time of sadness.

Joy because of the festive season. And a mixture of joy and sadness
as we reminisce of times past. And friends passed.

It's a crazy time as we shop for that special gift for those special
folks. But when the dinner is finally devoured and the last present

is unwrapped... it's inevitable that we sit and ponder... what was,
what is, what shall be.

It's a hectic season, a peaceful season, a sad season, a joyous
season oddly all rolled in to one. Quite unique.

This year we have the added downer of an economy in turmoil. We've
tried to help by lowering our sweatshirts and pouched

hooded sweatshirt prices (yes, they all have pouches) by up to $4.
We've also added a bunch of new products with as low a

markup as we can. And we'll keep them low as long as we can. There
is also a new currency feature so you can see pricing in

your currency if you're out of the states. Also a search engine that
will speed up your searching for that particular item if you don't

have time to run through our nearly 20,000 items. And that's just in
our main shop, not to mention the other shops, the jewelry

shop and the shop.

And don't forget the coupons. Always check out our main page
( first before you shop. Sometimes we have

coupons there you won't find in the shops themselves.

And we still don't charge for custom work. But it is the hectic
season so if you need something special for that special person, let

me know as soon as possible and I'll put you on the list. There's
only about 3 more weeks or so to shop on line. Use our new

search engine to help find that special design and use the new
carousel feature to see it on other products. Then drop us a line on

how you would like it customized just for you.

Of course there is always the new Masonic Shop V where you can add
your own text. Products there are quite limited but we're

working on building them up.


Oh, a question. If Brothers are Brethren, are Sisters Sisterns?

(You really didn't expect me to send out a newsletter that was
completely lucid, did you?)

(For those of you new here, check the archives. Most of the past newsletters are there)

(Furnace... still being worked on, but by someone else!)

Ok, now for the deja vuey stuff...


Show off your own Lodge on line!!!

Links to other shops you may enjoy...

rtj's Junqueyard. Everybody knows about good ol' Brother Dick James's site... (Unique Masonic coins, dogtags, lapel pins and
more. Including Vietnam & Korean Vets coins!)

Really rockin' Masonic Embroidery anyone? Good people that do good work!
The Masonic Patch...
Don't forget to check out our wallpaper page. We still add to it
once in a while. (and we do take requests)

Ok, I'm gone.

In the meantime, keep it square!




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