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The Masonic Shop
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Numero uno!

This is it you lucky devils! The first of the yearly, weekly, bi-
annual, once in a while newsletters from The Masonic Shop. 

Well, ok, the umpteenth thousandth, but the first one not thru Cafe
Press directly.

Oh, if you want HTML mail... ain't gonna happen. Seems I'm a fanatic
about security and spam so you won't see HTML mail come from us. It may
be cute, but it's not safe. That's one of the reasons we aren't using
Cafe Press mail. 

So... what's new since the last newsletter I never sent? 

Wait...I forgot.



Oh! I remember now. Tons. Next question. 

Ok, seems you didn't ask. Well I'm going to tell you anyway. You 
signed up for this newsletter, so I gotta send news. It's my 

Masonic postage... 
You can now send your mail & cards with class. 

Light switch plates.
Impress your members with custom Light covers. Now they can really get

Santa stuff:  

We put it all in one place for the Christmas season. Well, ok, two
places. T-shirts n' such are here...

OES members now have a military section...

Need something to hang on the wall? Check out the new framed tiles.

Speaking of walls, (yes I was. I heard me) there's the prints 

And there are the beer shirts. (We refuse to limit ourselves to t-
shirts) You'll find them under the fun stuff at:  
Not a thing Masonic there but sometimes we get a real dumb idea and put
it there. And sometimes (albeit, rarely) we get a not so dumb idea and
put it there as well. 

Of course we still add new designs almost every day in the new 
additions area.


Custom items for your Lodge are still designed free. Maybe some day that
will change but as of now... no charge for custom designs. Just let us
know what your needs are and it shall be did!


Black t-shirts (woo hoo!) will be released soon. (Two weeks or so 
maybe... kinda... sorta...) Black is hot! Er... is hot, black
is cold.  Black is cold?... Hmm... somehow that doesn't come across very
well. Oh well... For those who were wondering why we never had them
before, you no longer have to wonder. Umm... well you can still wonder,
but we'll have them. 


Fund raising at it's finest! (Not to mention cheapest) (Nuttin's 
cheaper than free) The affiliate program is well under way. Don't 
know what an affliate is?  Check it out...


Let us design a line for your own Lodge and you can make money on all
you sell to your members. Greatt fund raising campaign that works for
you 24/7. Hmmm... are there two t's in great? Oh, just needed an extra
one cuz it was such a greatt idea! See? I told you. 

Nothing to buy, nothing to stock, no worries about returns or 
credits. You don't have to be an affiliate to have your own Lodge 
products on line, but you can't make any money on them if you aren't. 


For our affiliates, remember, we update the affiliate page every now and
then so don't forget to log in and see what's new.


For you last minute shoppers...
Holiday shipping deadlines:

Super Saver December 8 
USPS December 8 
Ground December 12 
2 Day December 19 
1 Day December 21 
International - Standard December 9 


Well, my fingers are sore from all this new stuff. So, until next 
time brothers and sisters... keep it square!

The Masonic Shop
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