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Yo, Dudes n' Dudettes!


Furnace? Still waiting. Yes, I find it hard to believe myself. Seems the contractor has no clue about hot water systems.

And the remodeling? I didn't tell you? You still don't wanna go there. But the kitchen is done. ish. Bathroom is done.
ish. Powder room is... well, 2 outta 3 ain't bad.

Ho baby do we have newz for you!!!

First of all

11,000. Yup. Finally broke the 11,000 items barrier. Actually 11,919. So why didn't I say nearly 12,000? I have no
idea. I'm thinkin' I won't bore you anymore with updates on the amount of items we got. But they'll still be climbing.

New Stuff. Biiiig Buttons. Really get noticed with the new 3.5" buttons. I'm starting to get those ready. Great for
visitations with your Lodge name (and/or maybe your title and/or name) on it. Just let me know what your needs are.

Also, Yard signs. 22" x 15" signs with a collapsible U frame. I'm getting some of those ready as well. If you have a
special one you'd like made up, just let me know. Fund raiser date? Dinner date? Um... no, you probably don't want to
advertise you have a date with a cute person. I was thinking more on the lines of chicken dinner, or pancake breakfast
fund raiser, but, whatever. Maybe you won't want a certain date, but if you usually have them on a Saturday or Sunday...
that should work. Like "table Lodge Sunday". Or something like that there. Then you can use it over and over again. And
again too! Just tell me what you usually have and it shall be did! Does an OES chapter meet at your Lodge? Get an OES

Direct Print. ALL apparel (except for the pet shirts) in The Masonic Shop (including the ever popular golf shirts) is
now printed using direct print. No more heat transfers. Don't know the difference? Check it out here...

Yes I know. The throw pillows are still out of stock. The suppliers keep sending new ones and we keep rejecting them.
Just haven't been up to our quality standards. And I know a lot of you like them for the Lodge couch. Just don't really
have a date on them. Should be any day now, but no promises.

Some deja vu-ish kinda stuff...

Coupons? Since some of you are forgetting that there are usually coupons available even when you don't see them on the
cafepress site. But if you hit our main page, you'll see we have coupon(s) you can use. Just pick the one best for you.
And, they are re-useable. You can use it on one purchase, then go back later and use it on another purchase. We're easy.
I just hate when there's a coupon available somewhere and I buy twice what I have to, to use the coupon. Well, not so
here. I can order half of what I want, use the coupon, then go back and order the other half and... you guessed it. Use
the coupon again. Is that cool or what?

Ok, back to non deja vu

What else is new...

Umm.... Oh yeah! The Themed Section is growing rapidly. I just added a "past officer" section. I created a few designs
here and there for those of us who served but never rose to the East. But I created a new one. Not official, of course.
I used the 24" gage to symbolize time well employed in service to Brothers.

And by the way, the themed section sections are not really complete. Many have designs in the main store here and there
that I haven't found time to put into the themed section. For instance, Knights Templar. There are a few different KT
designs here and there among the shirts and mugs, etc., that I haven't got around to putting into their respective
themed section. In fact, most of the themed sections are short some items found elsewhere in the shop. So, ya gotta keep

The Regional Section (state, location or country) is growing rapidly. This section is by request. Just don't have time
to figure out if someone wants something for their own state or country or city or whatever, so if you request an
assortment of products for your area, just ask. We'll make it for you. Regional ceramic mugs and ceramic beer steins
still have their own section. So if you need a mug or stein, they'll go there.

Don't forget the comic section. Seems to be a popular area! (Who knew?) With all the custom orders coming in lately I
haven't had too much time to add my warped humor there lately, but I'll get there! Keep checking!

And the new Zodiac section. Wear both your signs at once! You'll find that in the themed section.

Oh, before I forget, another reminder.

I get email for custom designs all the time. But every once in a while I email back for some more information and never
hear from them again. So if you've ever written to me, I answer everything that has a question to it. If you haven't
heard back from me within a day or two, please email me again. I kinda long for the good old days when email was more
efficient than snail mail. It just never got lost. Now it gets lost as often as me.

Of course, AOL users sometimes forget that they have their internet email turned off. So, they can only get mail from
someone also on AOL. So if you're on AOL and haven't heard back... please check your settings! Then again... you won't
get this newsletter either.

The linky stuff

(Yes, that's correct. Linky, not kinky)

For Affiliates...

!!!VERY IMPORTANT!!! Your CJ account number is NOT your CJ PID! When you log into your CJ account, your account number
is on the right hand side at the top of the screen. That is NOT your pid. You need to go to account-web site settings.
You'll find it there.

Don't forget, we have a banner page you can use for linking to us and if you need a special color or size or style...
just let me know and I'll make you something.

And yes, there's a banner page for those who aren't affiliating as well.

Am I gone yet? No such luck. :( Well, then there's mental problem...

Don't know if you know it, but there is a site map to all our stuff (and even more).

There are also links to some fine Masonic, OES and Shrine jewelry. Kind of pricey, but high quality. Not your normal run
of the mill stuff. Not much there I can afford, but it's neat stuff!
Then there's the OES shop, the Shrine shop, our shop, a bunch of other Masonic products shops and... oh I
forget. Check it out for yourself. I think you'll find it interesting. Well, I hope you will anyway. Oh yeah, a new
international shop too. And more coming. Lots more!

Ok, now for the deja vuey stuff...

Show off your own Lodge on line!!!

Links to other shops you may enjoy...

rtj's Junqueyard... (Unique Masonic coins, dogtags, lapel pins and more. Including Vietnam & Korean Vets coins!)

Really rockin' Masonic Embroidery anyone? Good people that do good work!
Don't forget to check out our wallpaper page. We still add to it once in a while. (and we do take requests)

Ok, I'm outta here. (Finally) Just wanted to update you on the new disaste... er, changes. In the meantime... Keep it

(If you read all of this, aren't you glad my newsletters are so far and few between?) And yes, wherever you see "we"
here... you can substitute "I" for it. There's only me, myself and I here so "we" may be misleading. Or does me, myself
and I equal we?

My head hurts.



P.S. I run all this through a spell checker before I send it. I like to see how many red lines I made before I send

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