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Brother Dudes! Sister Dudettes!

It's me.

No, no. No need for a standing ovation. I'm humble enough.

Yeah ok, so you haven't heard from me since July. Shoot me. I been busy.

(yes dear?)

(no dear, I'm not going to tell them I'm just old and lazy)

Ok, back to... back to... Oh yeah! Newsletter.

(old sucks)

(yes dear, I know most of them are really sorry they signed up for this)


Yup. This weekend only, free shipping on orders over $50. Even outside of the States. WoW. So those of you living
outside of the states finally get free shipping too. Life

is good.

Here's the deal...

*Free Economy, Standard, International or Canada shipping for purchases of $50. or more, excluding shipping charges and

sales tax. All orders will be Economy shipping unless the order is not eligible for Economy shipping (e.g., order
exceeds Economy

weight restrictions). Coupon code must be entered at check out. Promotion starts on October 17, 2008, at 12:00 a.m.
(PST) and ends

on October 19, 2008 at 11:59 p.m. (PST). Cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts or coupons and this offer
may change,

be modified or cancelled at anytime without notice.


Ok, so what else is new...


Oh yeah. Digital Cameras. The new Masonic Flip Mino. (USA only. Sorry) (Sorry, but these are not available for affiliate
commissions) (At least not yet)

The throw pillows are finally back in stock so your couch no longer has to be bare.

Giant wall clocks. The regular ones were big but some wanted them for the Lodge wall wayyyyy up there. Bigger is better.

The ceramic travel mugs... still out of stock. Who knew they'd be so popular? Not sure if they'll be back in time for
the holidays but who


We're nearing 19,000 unique Masonic, Shrine, OES, PHA and military items. (I'm tired just thinking about it)

Embroidery is going well. Especially the jackets Who knew?

Ok, so what's old, you ask?


And I know you aren't going to believe this but...furnace? Still working on it. But I got a new guy to take a look at
it. Still waiting for him.

Moving right along


Affiliates fund raising. Geez you guys are amazing. Makes a fella proud. But for those of you just starting out,
remember, it takes 6

months to a year to get established with the search engines. Selling to your own Lodge is a great way to get going, but
to get your name

out to others takes time. Remember, I submit your site to search engines to help you along. And it's free. So if you are
affiliating and

don't know how to get your name around, just send me a link to your page and it shall be did!

Greeting cards... added another billion or so. Kind of tis the season. (I still hate making those sympathy cards)

The "themed" section seems pretty popular. If you haven't noticed, there's still a lot of shirts n' sweats in the shirts
n' sweats (and now

jackets) section that probably should be moved to the themed section. But I'm lazy. I'll get to it eventually. (maybe)
But there's also a ton

of stuff there that won't be in the themed section.

Sizes... A lot of folks have been asking for bigger sizes. What you see is what we got! But you can check out our
Masonic Shop II.

Sweats there go up to 4X. And don't think we don't have larger sizes in the main shop. Just not on everything. For
instance the value T's

come in up to 4X and so do some others. If you don't see a design on one of them you like (in any shop), just give me a
shout. I'll fix it for

you. Remember, anything I got can go on just about anything I got!


Ok, now for the deja vuey stuff...

Show off your own Lodge on line!!!

Links to other shops you may enjoy...

rtj's Junqueyard. Everybody knows about good ol' Brother Dick's site... (Unique Masonic coins, dogtags, lapel pins and more. Including Vietnam & Korean Vets coins!)

Really rockin' Masonic Embroidery anyone? Good people that do good work!
Don't forget to check out our wallpaper page. We still add to it once in a while. (and we do take requests)

Ok, I'm outta here.

Don't be sad. I'll be back.


(what's that dear?)

(No, it's not a threat. They really like me)

(No they are not tears of joy you hear! They are truly sad I tell ya!)

(No, I don't have delusions of grandeur)



Just wanted to update you on the new changes. Not to mention the free shipping over $50 worldwide! In the meantime...
Keep it square!

Oh, did I mention free international shipping this weekend?

Ok, nevermind. I think I did.

But if I didn't. Free international shipping this weekend.

Carry on.

(If you read all of this, aren't you glad my newsletters are so far and few between?) And yes, wherever you see "we"
here... you can

substitute "I" for it. There's only me, myself and I here so "we" may be misleading. Or does me, myself and I equal we?
Makes my head

hurt. Then again, my head always hurts. The way I think, it obviously has no choice.



No, my name is not Mickey and I'm not a mouse.

Then again my wife thinks... umm... maybe I won't go there.

P.S. As usual, I run all this through a spell checker before I send it. I like to see how many red lines I made before
I send it. No, I never

fix em. Just like to count the squiggly red lines. Yes, I'm easily amused.

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