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Brothers, your working tools are here!

It's like fund raising with virtually NO effort. Furthermore, if you want us to customize some products for your Lodge, it's like getting a rebate check for anything your members buy.

Here's how you get started*.

      *NOTICE:   We have phased out our progam for our main shop hosted by cafepress since the TMSV program is much easier to work with. (below). It still works if you care to sign up with them (cafepress) but it's a bit complicated. Not to mention with this program you only need to reach $25 in commissions to receive a payment versus $100 for the main shops program.

*NOTE TO AOL USERS!!! Remember, we will be responding via the internet so make sure you have your email set to accept email from the internet.

Also, if you have an auto respond that makes your email recipient click on a link to verify their address... you won't get a response either. Many of these "spam protectors" are simply a way for actual spammers to legitimize an email address. They just list the legitimate email addresses they get and sell them. We get enough spam now and don't want to be included on another spammers list so we just filter these responses to trash. Sorry.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask. We're here to help.

*Note: You don't absolutely need a web site to be an affiliate. While your own web site would make it easier for you, you can simply send your customers to a special link so that you get credit for their purchases. We highly recommend you ask us to create something with your Lodge name on it and have a place in our "Lodge Stores" section. That way you can send them right to "your" store.

Ok, now for the easy way using The Masonic Shop V

This method only takes a few minutes compared to the hours (or even days) signing up with the program for our main shop. And we are adding many more designs there as well. Some unique to that shop only.

     Note: this is only good for The Masonic Shop V (TMSV), The OES II shop, the Shrine II Shop and our non-Masonic Go Greener shop. But your users can customize their products by themselves! Or still contact us for their custom work. Not only can they add their name, Lodge or whatever, they can even change products themselves. For instance, if they see a design on a t-shirt they like but would rather it on a polo shirt. No problem. They can change it from a t-shirt to a polo. Or sweatshirt or baseball shirt or whatever. And we are adding products to TMSV as fast as we can. There are even products there not found in our Main Masonic Shop.

Go to Open a store.(Yes, it's free!) You'll get a reference (PID) number. That's it! You're done!

Just use that reference number in all your links to The Masonic Shop V.

Note! With Commission Junction your commissions must reach $100 before you get a check. With the TMSV plan, you only have to make it to $25 to get a check. So you can see why we prefer the TMSV plan. But it's up to you. Choose one or choose both.

Don't have a web site? If you wish, we'll GIVE you your own web site. Also free. A simple one page site, but it will be yours. We can put any information you like on it and a link with your PID to The Masonic Shop or even your own section of The Masonic Shop.

Want to design yourself? Get the best!
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For those on a budget, choose Serif products!
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