Things you should learn but can forget immediately


DOS Disk Operating System bunch of commands that tell the computer what and how to do something
GUI Graphical User Interface
(can you say gooey?)
Ok, sounds intimidating but all it means is that instead of typing in words to tell the computer what to do, you just click on neat pictures. Windows is a GUI.
Operating System (OS) can be DOS, Windows, and a few others like Mac, OS/2, Unix - you don't want to know anymore
Boot Like in bootstraps Bring it up by its bootstraps. Bring the computer to life, start the computer. (Psst... push the on button!)
PC Personal Computer The beige box in front of you
CPU Central Processing Unit the brain of a computer
HD Hard Drive, the heart of a computer storage room for all the garbage you will eventually accumulate
Floppy Disk The smallest storage unit for data Why? Because it's floppy! (If you open up it's plastic case it is. But then it wouldn't be a floppy disk anymore. It would be regarded as junk)
Motherboard The mother of all boards! Where you plug in all the neat stuff above
Hardware All the neat junk you buy for it. Everything you could, but don't want to touch
Software All the programs you buy are software. That's where the fun starts: games, and all the programs you probably won't need but will want to have anyway
Sound Card HELLO! You will know that you have one when the computer starts talking back to you. Hmmm.... maybe not such a good idea...
Video Card Can you see me? Makes the little TV screen work
Kb Kilobyte Only a true computer geek needs to know this, but suffice to say, it has no relation to a mosquito bite.
Mb Megabyte Same as above, just different.
geek A person (kind of) The true computerphile who knows everything about computers upside down and backwards. Then proceeds to spend more time taking it apart and putting it back together than using it to get anything done! (Uh... except for taking it apart and putting it back together)
RAM Random Access Memory The more you have the faster you get to the fun
ROM Read Only Memory Not really important for us mere mortals
Monitor No, not the hall monitor. The TV that isn't TV
CD-ROM Compact Disc Read Only Memory If they didn't invent it they couldn't come up with bigger and bigger programs. Stores about 600 times more data than a floppy disk
Fax Modem Fax the cheap way! Your road to the internet and the thing that saves you trip to the next Office Max if you need something faxed
Printer No, not like in calligraphy If you don't have one you have only half of the computer (if you really want to get something done)
Backup Not you! What people should but don't do - and what could prevent you getting heart attack if your computer goes on strike
Pentium The type of main brain Generation of CPU made by Intel. Pretty much standard these days
Intel Intelligent? Nah. Company that manufactures CPU's
Icon I con if I want to! Those tiny pictures that you will see all over - your window to the program you want to use
Internet Nothing like a hair net. The magic that everybody is talking about. It's too complicated to explain here!

How much cost sucha kinda thing?

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