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Seasons Greetings from The Masonic Shop
Brother dudes! Sister dudettes!

Yeah, I know. A long time since the last newsletter. Hey, I'm old! Normal half speed is my new triple hi-speed. :(

::: yes dear? I see. You're right. I have no half speed. In reality, low the quickest I get anymore. ::: sigh

Well I did say the nooz would be when I got a round tuit!

Oh, and speaking of idiots, I seem to have had a database problem and lost about a (mumble,mumble) email addresses. :( So if you didn't get this let me know!) Er... well... nevermind. ::: sigh :::

::::: Yes dear? Oh I don't think they'd consider themselves lucky. Would they? I see. :::::

Ok, onward and... well, sideways.

First off and most immportantly, the Philippines. You can help Masonically right here.

Masonic Philippines Relief Fund

If you forget the link you can always find it on my main page. Of course, if you forget where to find my main page I will have much sadness. :(

So. What's new. Well, you can find me on linkedin now. On the other hand, as my wife would say... who would want to?

But I digress.

A lot has been going on since the last newsletter. Custom designs keep me really busy as usual. Even with the Masonic Shop V, where you can customize it yourself I still do more than ever.

More free things are being created besides my computer and phone wallpaper. Like gift tags, signs, bookmarks and I even started a photoshop tips section for those of you into photoshop. If you like that, let me know and I'll see what else I can dig up. I'm always open for suggestions.

On kind of a sad note, I'm going to be a tad harder to find. As most know, I only create designs. The products I offer are printed by other companies. And they all do top quality work and on top quality products.

Generally, besides hosting the shops, some have their own marketplace. Which is fine. However, lately they've been adding a new feature. That is taking designs and putting them on products themselves. Now that sounds good on the surface since I have less work to do. But it came to my attention that they started to put everything on everything. That is they have no idea that putting a design with an S&C on a womans shirt or purse or whatever, would be... well, in poor taste. So essentially, since Brothers have no idea that I didn't do it I started to come across like an idiot. (Please don't go there!)

Since their placing designs on products is automated, they really don't have much control over it. And I have none. So I had to bow out of their market places. And since I'm no longer in their market place you'll no longer be able to find my products in their market place or on Amazon, Ebay and a bunch of other places like that since they place items there as well. They say it may take a couple of weeks before their system is flushed of my products so you might find some there for a little while yet.

But to make matters even worse, for those of you who are outside the USA, the links from my page to my main shop are being redirected somewhere else. It's a bug the company has been working on since March and it's totally out of my control. Still not resolved. So if you're outside the USA and want to get to my main shop, just go back and click on the link again. Usually the second time works. No idea why. :/

Ok, new products. I have a plethora of new stuff. Custom award plaques in the TMSV shops are fairly recent. Most know I have a ton of greeting cards. Christmas, holidays, get well and more. But this year I even have wrapping paper. Along with watches, necklaces, wallets, some electronics, belt buckles, phone cases, pot holders, playing cards, wine stoppers, plates, serving trays, money clips, travel valets, business card cases, wine chillers, oven mitts, rugs, drapes, shower curtains, beach towels, tons of typos and a lot I've just forgetten I have. Not to mention our business cards when you want to exchange them with a Brother.

Of course, with all the new additions I simply don't have time to place all my designs on the new products. So if you see a product you like that doesn't have the design you want on it, just ask. I can put virtually any design I have on virtually any product I have and even customize it. Never an extra charge.

Anyway, I've rambled on long enough. Here's wishing you and yours the best ever holiday season and an amazingly happy new year!
Merry Christmas

Ok, now for the deja vuey stuff.. Remembering rtj's Junqueyard. Everybody knows about good ol' Brother Dick James's site... (Unique Masonic coins, dogtags, lapel pins and more. Including Vietnam & Korean Vets coins!)

Well, as most know, our dear Brother went to join the GAOTU on December 7, 2012. He is missed greatly. A truly Masons Mason.

However, all is not lost. Brother Mark, his long time USA shipper, has taken over the site. Keeping up the fine work of Brother James. Same site address. Now Mark's Junqueyard. And he is still doing custom designs for all.


Show off your own Lodge on line!!!

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Don't forget to check out our Masonic wallpaper page for your computer or phone. We still add to it once in a while. (and we do take requests)

Or our non-Masonic paintings wallpaper at

Ok, I'm gone.

In the meantime, keep it square!





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