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Yahoo hacked? Seems only the biggies get headlines. There were new reports that an Android forum and an Nvidia forum were also hacked. How many other small forums were targets? It's getting to the point where you'll need a password to use your password.


The rest of the world has hi speed railways. True. They can use it. Do we need it? Yep. Will we use it? Nope.
When the rest of the world depended on rail, we started to lay rail. Then some idiot came along and invented the car.
So, we no longer had to figure out a way to get to the station. And no longer had to figure out how to get back from the station.
In this day and age, if you really have to get there in a hurry... just hop on a plane. Our air infrastructure is top shelf.
HSR is just trying to keep up with the Joneses. For no real apparent reason. At least none that make any sense except to a congressman. Does it create jobs? Yep.
But so does rebuilding our roads and bridges. Rail is great for freight but most people will just shun it. Give it another 50 or 100 years and I would say the rest of the world will drop it as well. The more their economies improve, the more cars will be bought. The less rail will be used.


HEADLINE: Police: More cars set afire in LA, arson suspected.

Who writes this crap? I remember when we had journalists with a brain. Really. I do.


Canadian news reports watching the politicians in the USA is like watching an episode of the gong show. They're ashamed for us. And I think, sadly, most Americans feel the same way. How on earth did we get into this mess?


Ok, Osama is no more. Kewl.

But what's with the jerk offs screaming about Pakistan hiding him? Did they? Who knows, but think about it. Virtually anywhere in the world anyone can buy property and build a mansion with walls.

Once completed, at say 3am there could be a limo with dark tinted windows pull into it and out could pop Bin Laden, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and Elvis. And no one would be the wiser. Get over the stupidity of these conspiracy theories and we'll become a better world.


20k income and paying like $350 a month for health insurance is brutal. That's like 20% of their income.

So how about we get the politicians to pay the same percentage? If they make 100k a year... they get to pay 5k a month. I wonder how they'd like that. Might put it into perspective for them.


Anti-American cleric Anwar al-Awlaki has urged Muslims to kill Americans. Of course, Awl-Wacky is an American himself. So... why don't muslims kill him?


Spending 9.6 mil on a levee project to protect the national mall from the potomoc river.

US Army COE decided that after Katrina, a major storm could cause $200 mil in damages to the DC area.

Ok, so... when was the last time a huge storm like Katrina damaged that much that far inland? D.C. ain't exactly on the coast.


Israeli building slowdown ends! Settlers celebrate!!! YAY! Now they can happily build in a war zone again. (Is it just me?)


Electric cars blow. Yeah, that's right. They bite the bag. You have to be an idiot to even consider one. Once they figure out how to get them to charge while driving they'll be worth it (maybe). But right now... phhhht!!!.
They're talking about setting up charging stations for $billions so we can all wait to get going. For Christ's sake it doesn't seem like rocket science to get them to charge while driving.

Yes, yes the electric motors have virtually no moving parts compared to a gas engine. So they can't hook a generator to it.

Um... you need something to move? You have 4 friggin' wheels that have to turn or you don't go anywhere. So you have 4 points to tie in a generator... or 4 generators. Need more? How about an idler wheel(s) that drops down to the road when the batts run low?

Or is it simply because someone else has to rip us off by making money on charging these little crapolas? (Not to mention burning even more fuel to get even more juice to us) And I won't even get into the cost to replace those batts when they die. May be cheaper just to get a new car.

Is there some reason the new tv's have to put up a band when you want to up or down the volume? I can hear. So putting that thing up in front of the show you're TRYING to W A T C H makes no sense to me. Not to mention it pisses me off to no end. Sure there are times when no one makes a sound in the show. (Generally when you're trying to adjust volume, but I digress) But I get the friggin idea. They aren't saying anything. I can usually SEE that.

Not to mention, many moons ago TV's used to tell you in advance when the sleep timer was going to kick in. Now, it just shuts the freakin thing off with no warning. Sadistic manufacturers? "Let's fuck them up by displaying a volume adjustment band and take away the sleep timer warning". Fur Christ's sake.

Experts say oil has compounds that have been linked to cancer, but experts also say they break down in the body and are excreted, so there's little chance of getting cancer from tainted Gulf seafood even if people ate it for years.
Huh? Isn't that what they said about Agent Orange?

But to test, they're using the "smell test". If it smells good, eat it. (You eat it, I'm going for a steak)


The term food chain is dead. It's now a food web, say scientists. Quote "The updated term reflects the cyclical nature of a process in which even the largest predator becomes a food source as it dies and decomposes."

Well, duh. This is updated? Who didn't figure that one out (besides the scientists)? When I was growing up the idea was to simplify everything. When did we decide to complicate everything?
You can write a basic food chain diagram on a napkin in a restaurant. A food web? You'd need the whole restaurant wall.


Black boxes on airliners. Always looking for them in the ocean. My question is... why don't they make them so that they float?

Screw the bureacracy


All I can say is... I like it! But you may have to log in to see it.

Ok so BP is capturing some of the oil. YAY! And... they're burning it. Seems a waste.

Oh, wait! The well was supposed to be drilled and the capped for future use. Makes sense. If they ship it to market they'll flood the market and gas will be cheaper. Can't have that! If it isn't expensive then how are the green energy folks going to make money? The last thing Obummer wants is cheap energy for America.

Suicide teamsGotta love it. Pakistan has security agents working for the Taliban. You know, in all honesty I thot fighting in Afghanistan was a noble gesture. (Don't Get Me Started On IRAQ!) Bin Laden was there, these people need help. Pulling out would/will destroy all hope they may have left.

But with Pakistan's outlook (Oh... gimmee money. I love you long time!) it seems it's all a lost cause. The whole region just sucks money out of us while they wait til we leave so they can get back to the business of really fucking each other. Right now reports say that Pak gives extensive support to the insurgency in terms of funding, munitions and supplies. So... we are paying to kill us.

In a nutshell, we pull out, they blow themselves to hell without any help from us. (I like Freebies) All we're doing is slowing down their self-destruction progress. What a clusterfuck.

Great. Another BP cover up. "Oh, but there's no way to measure how much oil is leaking." What a crock of shit. Of course there is. You know the size of the pipe. You insert a meter to measure the flow of the oil streaming out. Size of pipe + velocity... Voila. You can pretty much get close to the ounce. Oh well. I guess the world does revolve around bullshit.

On the other hand... WTF is the difference? Doesn't matter. Damage is done and knowing how much is spilling doesn't amount to a hill of beans. Just satisfies curiosity. Of course... they could be fined by the barrel... Oh yeah! Oops! No way to tell how much is leakin'. I Gotcha! wink-wink. (assholes) Turning into the Toyota of oil companies.

Ok. Problem with a new software upgrade for a military GPS system. The company that manufactures the device and the software, said they tested it and found no problems. Once it was installed... instant problems.

So our glorious gov gives the company a $900,000 no bid contract to help fix the problem... with the software they just sold them.

I think we should all start selling stuff to the gov. Doesn't matter if it works or not. They'll pay you to fix it once they buy it and we can retire almost instantly with the money they splurge.

From the AP... Google says it has scooped up snippets of people's online activities broadcast over unprotected Wi-Fi networks during the past four years. The admission made is likely to raise more worries about potential privacy breaches as Google gathers volumes of personal information through its search engine and other services.

Google picked up fragments of e-mails and Web addresses while its cars were photographing neighborhoods for the "Street View" feature on its mapping service. The company says it only recently discovered it has accumulated about 600 gigabytes of data transmitted over public Wi-Fi networks in more than 30 countries. Google says none of the information has appeared in its search engine or other services.

Now, bear in mind, this is google. Who wasn't looking for personal info. It's hard enuff to lock down wired lines. Wi Fool is tough to secure for someone who has a clue. And most users... have no clue. So, if you're planning on robbing a bank or talking to your mistress... good luck with that. Just get wi fi and hand all your personal data to your enemies.

Well. Banks seem to be getting upset. Seems some folks are defaulting on mortgages on purpose. If they have a home that they bought for say, 400k, and it's now worth 200k... they're walking. Even if they can afford to pay for it. Banks are shocked because it's, it's, un-American! It's like families are running their lives like a business! Shocking! Businesses walk away from bad investments all the time and take a loss.

So why are they shocked because some folks actually have business sense and aren't stupid enought to pay 400k for a 200k house? They screwed us. Time to screw them. They're the ones who started the roll down in the first place. Well, it really started with a lotta help from Clinton & Biden, but I digress.

Containment box around an oil spill? Good idea. But as soon as I saw what it looked like I said to me... WTF are they thinking? Can't work. And... it didn't.

Could work if they thot it thru but hey, that's why they get the big bucks. They're already rich. Don't have to be intelligent.

So, you've heard of the dead sea? We are looking forward to the dead gulf. Dispersants to let it all settle to the sea bed so the beaches are still neat. No one notice that the beaches are the least of our worries? Cover the sea bed with oil and you kill off virtually anything that tries to live in it. No food = no critters. No critters = a lot less food for people.

Welcome to the apocalypse.

Ok, another failed bomb attempt in NY. (Thank God!)
But the CEO of a security consulting firm says ..." the bomb could have killed hundreds of people there, especially if it hadn't malfunctioned".

I see.

My question is... how do these clueless wonders become billionaires while I'm still poor?

The latest bitch? Wind farms. I guess they're a sign of the times. Interestingly, the first time you see one they seem to be awesome and rather spectacular. But the more you see of them the uglier they seem to get. But that's my opinion and I'm stuck with it. Personally I'd like to see solar panels get affordable so we can all cut the cord to the corporate kids.

Newspapers. Losing even more ground. Sad or dangerous?
Kids today seem to think they can get all the news they need on line. Maybe so, but I doubt most ever even read a newspaper. On line and even TV... lot of bias there. If we could get those kids to read a newspaper every day for a week they'd prolly never bother with i"net" news ever again. Maybe that's why the net as well as TV is more exciting. They tell you what you want to hear not what the story is really about. Outside of a news editorial, you'd be hard pressed to find a biased opinion in a newspaper.

The GOP asked the Supreme Court to reverse the "soft money" ban and allow political parties to raise unlimited contributions once again. Guess they can't get enuff graft with the lobbyists.
Of course, that's one of the things Obama ran on. Getting rid of this crap. Unless they forgot... he won.

Seems some SEC members were surfing for porn on their work computers. And one even spent like 8 hours a day doing it. They've been following "porners" for like 2 1/2 years.

Well, any taxpayer should be kinda pissed that they wasted our money not doing their jobs. On the other hand it just shows that people like to fuck. Duh. And some like to watch other people fucking.

But why would they investigate for 2/12 years? So they can get to watch lottsa feelthy peecturez instead of just a few? And why are they only intersted in porn? Have to wonder if anyone who was investigating would have to turn over their own computers to be analyzed... would anyone want to investigate these folks?

It's interesting that no one says a word about some maybe shopping on line or checking wiki for something. Just porn. Our gov at work.

Hey! Housing is up. Oil rises. Housing is down. Oil rises. . Why Me?

Canada. Cheap drugs, free health care. Sure. Listen, I got this bridge to sell you...
Yeah it's true you can go to a doctor for free. Thing is, don't get really sick. Hospital waiting lists can take forever. (Give or take a day)
Then again, for an office visit, you have to find a doc who'll take you. Can't just walk into any office. Have to keep checking for any who are taking new patients. And yeah, they can fire you and leave you with no doc.
And cheap drugs? You bet. Until you take into consideration the "pharmacy fees" of $10 to $15 per presccription. If you can get south of the border, you'll prolly save like 90% on antibiotics.

Ok, so Sarah P has her email hacked. The poor "hacker" kid faces 50 years. Now of course he shouldna done it. But c'mon people. Security on yahoo ain't job 1. Who in their right mind thinks yahoo mail is secure? I mean... you can't afford your own email account? Oh, wait. We're talkin about Sarah here. Swift she ain't.

So the pirates keep pirating. Hitting ships in the Gulf of Aden and taking them to Somalia. Lots of military ships there to try n' stop them. They're taking them all to a couple ports in Somalia. So... is there some reason that the warships just don't go closer these ports and wait for them?

Yeah, Somalia ain't small but they seem to be taking them pretty much to the same ports. Is it me? Then again, if the pirates have to move to a different port it may just piss them off. Can't piss off pirates, right? That would be uncouth. Arrrrr. ::: sigh ::: Talk like a pirate, think like an asshole.

"Joe Blows greatest gift to the drug industry cut rate dirt cheap" stores? I mean... this pays? Are there that many people out there actually stupid enough to buy drugs on line from someone they never heard of? Or do all these folks have suicidal tendencies?

Just not understanding this whole gay marriage thing. I mean, I get it that one person can be attracted to another person of the same sex. Well, I mean I get it that they are, don't get it how. But I digress.

Am I against gay marriage? Like most non-gays. Absolutely. But that doesn't mean I'm against their rights. If they have the same mutual feelings towards another of the same sex, by all means they should have the same rights as married couples.But just don't call it marriage. It's stupid. That's all that's holding them back. Call it joined, bonded, combined, screwed like the rest of us, whatever. Pick a word. Just don't call it marriage and you'll have 99% of the population voting for your rights. It's symantics, stupid!

Ok, the great private jet debate. Why oh why didn't the car execs respond? Because it was such a stupid question they were dumbfounded. Of course congressmen are generally stupid so they should have expected it, but I digress.

They need them for the same reason the president does. Uh... not security, numbnuts. (Although in this day and age it may play a factor with thousands of jobs at stake)

No, dipshit, they are running huge conglomerates. You actually want someone who has control over business decisions that affect thousand of jobs and maybe millions in profits for stockholders out of touch while he sits in an aiport two hours before a 4 hour flight twiddling his thumbs and then maybe has to take a plane with one or two layovers adding another couple hours to it? If you said yes, that's why you're still working at a 9 to 5 job.

You actually want someone who's getting paid thousands of dollars an hour and makes all the major decisions for a company to be out of touch with that company for 3, 4, 5, 6 or more hours? (Have you graduated to flipping burgers yet) C'mon guys. These folks need to be able to be just about anywhere at the drop of a hat. They need to fly to places commercial jets just don't go. And they need to be able to be contacted anywhere, anytime. Tried to get a phone call on a commercial jet lately? They can't fly commercial. It would cost the company a fortune to tie him up on a 6 hour flight that he could probably make in an hour or two on a company jet. It's time management folks. Time is money. They can't wait for a plane. The plane has to wait for them.

Cool. M&T Bank just got a 7 billion dollar bailout. Interesting that they weren't in trouble in the first place.
Now the car companies need a handout. sigh... The problem with the car companies is that most folks don't realize they "assemble" more than than actually manufacture. Think tires, nuts, bolts, emblems, upholstery, glass. The list goes on and on.

They are estimated to buy from between 25k and 35k small companies. If they go under the effects will be astounding. Many of these smaller companies will have to lay off or even go out of business. Which in turn would lower the tax base by perhaps billions more a day. Then you have all the mom n' pop restaurants that service the plants, etc., etc.... Not a pretty picture. Prices on everything would skyrocket. Until they finally crash. But by then, it would be too late.

Now, do they deserve a bailout? Depends on how you look at it. We wanted big cars. That's what they produced. And don't bitch at me about you have a small car. I really don't give a shit if you want to ride with your ass dragging on the pavement and feel every tar strip. You can't miss what you never had.
Ever ride in a real car? Kind of the difference between riding on a washboard and floating on a lake. But I'm not saying we all wanted big, but the majority of sales came from big. And big doesn't always equate to gas guzzler. The last big car I had was a 1990 caprice and that got 25mpg with a V8 engine. Most Americans want comfort.

But the oil companies blind sided the auto industry with the unprecedented rise in price. Or the investors did it by manipulating the markets. Or we did it by not buying American in the first place. But who really knows? The bottom line is, if they're screwed, we're screwed.
So why are the foreign car companies not in that much trouble? Workers (same union) pensions pay only a fraction of what US makers have to. (less retired workers=millions less a month) Yet the finished products are comparible, pricewise. Which means the foreigns have been gouging the market for years which put the US carmakers at an enormous disadvantage. US carmakers make the least profit they can and the foreigns can jack up their prices just under theirs. Yeah, you keep buying that foreign crap. And yes it is crap. Worked in auto electronics for years and US cars are solid. You take apart a foreign car... any foreign car and under the surface it's like bailing wiire and chewing gum. Where we had metal, they used plastic. Where we had plastic, they used cardboard. (Yes, literally cardboard) Pure junk any American worker would be ashamed of. But, that's another story.

Makes perfect sense to me. Oil prices are falling so OPEC wants to cut production. They say oil should run between $70 and $90 a barrel. Or $100. Yep. Perfectly logical.
Um... until you remember just a few short years ago they wanted it to stay between $24 and $28 dollars a barrel. Then again, that was long before they really knew how much money they could really make with their crap. They seem to learn how to milk the world dry pretty quick.

Going green doesn't mean just spending more for everything we need. It also means screwing OPEC. Now that works for me. They've screwed us long enough.
Oh, look. Someone noticed!

WASHINGTON (AP) - With defaults on credit card debt spiraling amid a global financial downturn, banks already reeling from the mortgage crisis are losing billions more from unpaid credit card bills.

Big banks have formed an unusual alliance with consumer advocates to urge the government to allow huge portions of credit card debt to be forgiven, a turnabout from recent years when the banking industry lobbied strenuously to make it harder for consumers to erase their credit card debts in bankruptcy.

The new pilot program - which the banks hope will become permanent - could involve as many as 50,000 people struggling with credit card debt. On an individual basis, the amount of debt to be forgiven would rise according to the severity of the borrower's financial situation, up to a maximum of 40 percent.

"There's obviously a financial benefit to the financial institutions to step up to the plate right now," said Susan Keating, president and chief executive of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, which has 108 member organizations around the country. "We absolutely support the proposal."

Many of the people now having trouble making their credit card payments are in a double or triple whammy: their mortgages or car loans also may be under stress.

And for many, the torrent of envelopes bearing credit card offers at low initial rates - much like the old "teaser" rates on subprime mortgages - has recently been replaced by more somber notices of crimped credit lines, hikes in interest rates or even accounts being closed as lenders tighten the reins to reduce their risk.


Gee, someone in congress noticed that all the banks who are up for a bailout are going to use the money to buy other weak banks. Cool. Now instead of citizens owing billions to thousands of banks, now they'll only owe it to a few dozen. If that.

We voted for these guys, right? The guys who voted for all the shit I brought up below. Remember the good old days when, if you were unlucky enough to be forced into bankrutpcy, you could still keep your home? If they didn't re-write that one, no banks would have made sub prime loans in the first place. They had pretty much nothing to lose by gambling. Someone is always going to buy the repo. That is, until now when there are now more repo's than someones. The inmates really are running the asylum. Whatta country.
Oh, and for how much everyone seems to hate lawyers, didn't anyone notice that you'd be hard pressed to find anyone in government that is not a lawyer? Go ahead. Name one. Bet you can't!
Ok, I'm at a loss as to what giving 700 billion dollars to giant companies is going to do. Besides prolong the agony. (and make the companies even richer)

Seems to me that if they're going to throw the money away, they should just take it and pay off the American citizens credit card debt which would instantly give them access to more goods and services. Including giving them room to pay their mortgages. After all, the main problem with the whole mess, IMHO, is the fact that the credit card companies gouged them out of credit in the first place. Give it back to the people, not to the companies that stole it in the first place. They still get their money but at a hell of a lot less interest. (Sucks being them, huh?)

But I guess it's un-American to help the people. Big companies come first. They have to stay in business long enough to collect the bad debts they created from the little people.

Minimum wage is rising! Yay! That means some folks will lose their jobs, prices on goods will rise and everyone will be in a higher tax bracket. But it'll be good for a few weeks til all the prices rise and folks realize it's really a tax increase and doesn't do a damned thing for their income in the long run. Well, except cut it, that is.

Kinda like medicine. Some taste good, some taste bad. But there's always that side effect that no one mentions. A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, the medicine go down... you get the picture.

Yeah now the banks are collapsing. Everyone blames the damn real estate crisis. And they should. But no one knows why there is one. (Except me, of course!)

Look guys, years ago the folks who are going to jail now were gods. Still are in my opinion. The reason it all fell apart falls right on (you guessed it) ol' dubbya's doorstep. He single handedly made those old loans shaky. They weren't when they were issued.

He first passed a bankruptcy law that no longer allowed you to get out of credit card debt. Still gotta pay them friggin' cards no matter what.

Then he helps us out by ordering the credit card payments doubled. To uh... make us pay less interest.

Then he lets credit card companies raise interest rates to a staggering 40%+ without a whimper. Hell, they couldn't make billions a day when everyone was paying less interest.

So... lessee... If you were among millions of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, you just had your credit card payments doubled, interest rates more than doubled and, to top it all off, if you couldn't afford it, you still had to pay it even if you went bankrupt.

Add gas prices, heating prices, food prices... you been screwed by George. This dumb prick is Al-Qaida's best ally. And he's too stupid to notice it himself

Yeah, ok. Ol' dubbya visits the Saudi's and asks them to pump more oil. They say they're pumping enuff, so go pound sand.
Now they're saying it will call for a meeting of oil producing countries and consumers to discuss soaring oil prices and work to prevent unjustified rise in prices. In a statement following the weekly Cabinet meeting, the minister said Saudi Arabia will work to control these "unwarranted and unnatural" price hikes. In other words, George... you're a friggin' idiot and yer on your way out so fuck off. If we want anymore shit out of you we'll squeeze your head.

When we were kids (yeah I'm old) we were supposed to drink a lot of milk. Supposed to be good for you. Today they seem to shun the idea.
On the other hand, no one ever had any kind of "daily requirements" for frikkin' water.
That is, until someone decided to bottle it. All of a sudden you have to drink 8 glasses a day to be healthy. What the fuck? Now who's health are we drinking to? Ours or the bottlers? I don't know about you but I'm getting kind of sick of this bullshit where the majority is brainwashed into buying into the latest fad by the marketers. When do they can air and tell us our air sucks and we have to inhale 90 gallons of their shit a day? At 10 bucks a gallon, of course.

Ok, so Hillary says she's the one to have when the phone in the white house rings at 3am with an emergency.
Uh huh.
So let's see. It took her months to pour over info about the Iraq war to make the wrong decision.
So what happens when she's awakened out of a dead sleep at 3 am. She's going to flip a fucking coin?

Yeah, ok. Businesses crashing all over the place. Gas insanely priced. Food prices rising. Real estate sucks. Foreclosures all over holy hell.

Gee, what could be wrong?
Tax cuts during a war? Nah
12 billion dollars a month to support it ain't nuthin.
Bridges falling over since there isn't enough tax money to fix them? Nah.
Sewer and local government services rising because taxes no longer support them? Makes no sense.
How about an oil man at the head of the country loving high oil prices? Couldn't be.
Congress doubled the credit card payments to the consumer so they'd pay off the credit cards faster? That's ridiculous.
Credit card companies now charging 40% plus interest rates? Not likely. Isn't everyone getting a better deal with loan sharks?

Just can't figure it out folks.

I GOT AN IMAC!!! OK, Finally went and did it. With all the hype about the new Intel chip for the Mac I decided to give it a shot. I always heard Macs were slow and clunky but the industry standard for working with graphics. But with the new intel that's finally over. So, picked up an Imac 20. That, for those of you who don't know, comes with a gig of ram and a 250mb hard drive. Among other things. It's the one that has everything built in. You know, no cpu case, everything in the monitor basically. (Psst... it's a laptop on a stand with no cover)

Well... wow! I gotta say.. what a piece of shit. If this is finally up to speed with a PC, what the hell was it like before? Oh, up to speed with a PC probably means a 3 year old basic PC that they couldn't give away at the PC shop. My 3 year old Pentium 4 runs rings around it. If this dog is the industry standard for graphics... well somebody mis-spelled inDUSTy.

Photoshop on a Mac? ROFLMAOPIMP! Only if I get paid by the hour. Maybe then I'll run right out and spend another few thousand dollars on software that runs on a Mac. Oh... get windows and run it on the Mac? What the fuck are you smoking? I can run windows at twice the speed on a PC for half the price. DUH! If you've always ran Macs and never got the hang of a PC... I feel sorry for you. You can sell shit if you package it right and Mac has a neat box.

CBS is going to run adds on eggs. Yeah, I said eggs. The things chickens shit out. What ever happened to all the shit everyone bitched about before? Why would you print something on something we have to eat? Well, maybe the ink or dye they use on em and soaks into the egg will be good for us.
Or not...

Screw that date shit. If you aren't paying attention... sucks being you.
Ok the middle east is going nuts again. Wacko's invade Israel, capture (and killed some) people and Isrial says, let our people go. And bombs the shit out of them til they do.

What to others say? Well... moderation! Maybe they should just go in and flatten some of the leaders tires? Which one's the bigger wacko?


NEW DRUG COMING!!! You heard it here first. Tylenol is out, a new drug will soon be introduced to replace it.
How do I know? Simple. It was just announced that acetometofoofeeflip (or whatever the hell tylenol is) causes liver failure. So how does that show that a new drug is coming? Well, they got rid of saccharin because it caused cancer (and introduced nutrasweet that causes seizures) (lovely) Then they screwed aspirin (stomach problems, among other things) and introduced tylenol. (which, by the way, never did a thing for me for headaches or any kind of pain I ever took it for) Hence, they are now screwing with tylenol so that means a new drug in the offing. Marketing folks. Nothing more than marketing. The world would be a much better place if we just went back to aspirin and saccharin.
Reality show writers barge into a gathering of industry leaders demanding more pay since they get less than writers of comedies and dramas.
Uh... I gotta ask... what does a reality show writer write?

Ok now the Red Cross is no longer the Red Cross. Israel says it likes a red square, the Muslim countries use a red crescent. Seems the "cross" to them is Christian. When the hell did it become Christian? "Oh, you came to help me? Sorry, I have to die cuz you have a red cross and I'm not christian". I have never, ever equated it to any religion but the fucking wacko's of today have to change everything to suit themselves and then change it again. Why not just rename the Red Cross to the Red Plus if it really pisses them off? Doesn't even slightly look like a Christian cross to me. It's a PLUS, jerk-off. If they put out one more fucking universal symbol that no one knows what it symbolizes I think I'll jump. Oh, wait... they're taking a universal symbol and adding a few more to mean the same thing. I wanna go home.

A defense report says a captured al Qaeda operative who told U.S. authorities that Iraq had trained al Qaeda members to use unconventional weapons was identified as a probable liar months before the Bush administration began using his claims to make its case for war.

The DIA document was first reported by The New York Times and Washington Post. Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan, top Democrat on the Senate Committee on Armed Services, later released the excerpts on his Senate Web site.

"Saddam's regime is intensely secular and is wary of Islamic revolutionary movements. Moreover, Baghdad is unlikely to provide assistance to a group it cannot control," the excerpts said.

Seems Saddass isn't nearly as stupid as American leadership. I mean we are training thousands of Iraqi's in our ways of warfare. Do we really think that out of these thousands of Iraqi's, none of them are al qaeda agents? You think it's coincidence that the roadside bombs are becoming more sophisticated and dangerous? You actually think we aren't training our own enemy to infilitrate us? Psst... I've got this bridge to sell you.

Ok, heating costs go thru the roof. Natural gas up 48%. (I won't go into oil since that's been a rip-off for generations) So folks who use gas will freeze. Of course, the report also says there is an ample supply of gas. What's wrong with this picture?
According to the press, "Bush, who successfully rallied the nation after the September 11 attacks, has faced criticism for the federal government's performance..."

Uh...hold it. Bush rallied the Nation? He was hilarious. It took NOTHING to rally the nation after 9/11. But I did get a kick out of his obvious stupidity. That's when it first began to show. If it wasn't for 9/11, he may have gone down in history as a brilliant president. (Well, mebbe not brilliant... ) And it may even be possible that America wouldn't be the laughing stock of the world as it is today.

Oh, and not to worry, I won't mention the fact that all the FEMA personnell were unfit for the job but they were all friends of his. Nor will I mention that all of his and Cheney's cronies are getting the billion dolllar contracts for the Katrina cleanup. Nope. Won't say a word.

The disaster worsens. The big easy is unfit for human habitation. Still. Due to sheer stupidity by our great leader Mush. Er, I mean Bush. (Sorry, I was thinking of his brain)

I've lived through a flood and the most ridiculous thing anyone on earth could say is send money not food. That is just bizarre. The sheer stupidity of this statement is mind boggling. Do the relief organizations need money? Absolutely, and we should all give what we can. But face it folks, they are limited in what they can do. There are only so many people in these organizations to help. If they get money first... they have to go out and buy the friggin' food before they can deliver it. And how many offices do they have locally? How can they organize delivery of thousands of tons of food (it will take weeks to buy) to areas (maybe) 20 or 30 miles away in a flood zone? Giving (in this case, forcing) any organization complete control over relief in a disaster is sheer insantity. It's simply too overwhelming for any one group or organization.

Bringing in goods FIRST makes the only logical way to give immediate relief. It can be trucked in directly to different police precincts or school buildings or just dropped in the middle of a street if need be while they wait for the red cross to get their act together. They don't have vast stockpiles of food ready to deliver and need money to replenish it. They need the money to buy it in the first place. That takes time. Time is a commodity that these folks don't have.

Of course, being a (not too swift) businessman, Mr. Mush probably figures that if everyone gives cash then his business cronies in Texas can make a killing on what they sell. Doesn't matter that it will kill people. Money is more important.
Yay! Free health care. Move to Canada!.

Blow me. Just found out about a poor lady in Ottawa that has been suffering from kidney stones for four months. Yup. 4 months (and counting). Catch-22? The operation is too expensive so they won't do it. (I kid you not) Now, just to clarify, yes they do have free health care (cough, cough). But it seems only to a limit. If it costs the government too much... well, sucks being you. So for 2 months they have been trying to treat her with drugs. Of course there's also pain killers. You know. The same ones they give to cancer patients when they are dying? Yeah, that's the one. Sure she could get the operation in Canada if she's willing to pay the 75k it will cost her there. Oh... wait, the operating rooms are closed for two weeks to save money. (Folks, I just couldn't possibly make this shit up).

She could go to the states and pay 35k for the operation or stay there and most likely die without treatment. So you think we have it bad? Bullshit. We have free health clinics all over holy hell. The only difference is... they actually work.

What the frig? People are finally beginning to notice that Bush is an asshole? Will wonders never cease... This clueless wonder fucked up the whole world and no one seemed to get it but me. I must be really stupid.

To make matters worse, this jerk has no fucking clue why we can't leave now. How many millions of innocent Iraqi's get screwed if we leave? Women and kids included. Or maybe he just figgers they're only Muslims so there's no need to mention that now they need protection as well as us. Nice goin' dubbya.

I won't even mention the current group of assholes who want us to leave everyone there high and dry. Like they give a fuck for anyone but themselves. Probably the same gung ho dickheadds that wanted us to blow the damn place up in the first place.
Gotta love the government. They will make the credit card companies double the minimum payments for credit cards. That's a jump from 2% to 4%. Why? Well because they think the credit card companies are making to much money by allowing folks to pay that little. Their payments just go on forever if they only pay the minimum now.

So, they're going to help out. Folks will pay twice as much and get out of debt sooner.

Of course, if they are only paying the minimum, that usually means they are already in over their heads and if they have to double the payments... well, half the friggin' country will be forced into bankruptcy. It never ceases to amaze me.
Got it. The US of A finally got hit with a native mad cow case. Took em a while to confirm it because they mislabeled the breed, got some parts mixed with some other ones, but the DNA finally showed positive. Uh... after a few tries.

...Mislabeled the breed... got parts mixed up... For Christ's sake isn't that how O.J. got off?
The credit card thieves. No, not the ones who hack the companies to get the info on customers, I mean the credit card companies. You know, the ones who screw up the whole economy by raising interest rates only on those who can't afford it? Or the folks who can't go on that month long trip of a lifetime overseas cuz they have to stay home to pay the friggin bill when it comes or their interest rate doubles.

Seems they had another hack and millions of customers data was compromised. Of course it was over a month til they reported it. No need for them to be in a hurry. After all, they only make money since most folks don't check their statements closely. Well, it seems to me that the hackers are doing more good than harm. Think about it. If someone steals your identity... you're screwed. They can wreck your credit and it may take many, many years before you finally get it fixed. Not to mention the fortune you pay in inflated interest rates. Inflated like in outright criminal. Approaching 40% in some poor bastard's cases.

But, if millions of numbers were stolen, now the companies are going to be forced to look into everything. It will get to the point where they can no longer ignore a plea that "it wasn't me that used the card". Let's hope they can get sued for defamation of character. Finally!


Earthquake!!! They keep saying the latest string of earthquakes don't mean a thing. Hmm... With volcanoes going nuts from Alaska to Mexico, common sense says something is up. But then again, I've never had common sense.

Saturday, June 4, 2005 - Uh, I mean Wednesday, June 1, 2005 (Deja Vu all over again)
Damn! California still has houses falling over cliffs. But... I gotta ask... how stupid do you have to be to build a house on the edge of a friggin' cliff anyway?
The Dutch join France by rejecting the EU constitution. DANGER Will Robinson. Uh... no one in the news media seems to know why. Just that they did. I guess the constitution is a government secret. They say it could be a knockout blow for the charter. What they don't say is that it would take 5 countries to refuse it to screw it up. Uh... according to Euronews. Of course the BBC says it has to be unanimous. Ahem... Anyway, they go on to say Dutch liberals worried a more united EU could weaken liberal social policies, while conservatives feared losing control of immigration. I was under the impression that the whole concept was to unite them. (silly me)

But the immigration factor doesn't phase me. I'm in Canada for awhile and they don't have immigration here. They have the lawyers and consultants so screwed up they don't even take clients anymore and the clueless who still want to go there have to fill out the forms by themselves and have them so screwed up there's a backlog of about a jillion. It's absolutely hilarious.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005
canadaCanada continues to fuck itself. The clueless wonders to the north are still playing with their immigration laws. For some odd reason they seem to think that by limiting the immigrants to rocket scientists they'll make a greater country. Letsee... Canada has 30 million people. America started out around the same time and now have 300 million people.

Oddly enuff, they just can't grasp the concept that it's the little guy who makes the world go 'round. BIlly Gates? College dropout. Sir Richard Branson? High school dropout. That means neither one is elligible for immigration. Nope, Canada don't want em. They aren't smart enough to be Canadians. Let's not forget the Donald. Ol' Trump got his money from daddy who came up by his bootstraps. Just these guys alone are employing thousands and making a fortune for their governments (their workers pay taxes). Then again maybe that's why Canada want's only the cream of the crop. They don't have any workers for the real go-getters to employ. (Don't drink the water folks)

But Canada already pretty much destroyed itself. By raising their sights to the "overqualified" they essentially put all of the independant immigration offices overseas out of business. So if no one is advertising and promoting their country overseas, no one pays much attention to Canada anymore. All the free advertising they got over the years from these offices is gone. How long do they think that businessmen will play their silly game?

It'll be 20 years before anyone is interested in that country again. Uh... provided they get a clue. I mean, how many scientists, etc. in the top of their field do they think are even going to consider moving to a strange country and start from scratch anyway? Duh. They're already living in comfort and content (or are surrounded by armed guards if they're that good!). So, in essence, Canada says you can't be Canadian unless you can prove you're stupid.

Tuesday, May 30, 2005
Ok, there's a highway in Washington state that's becoming very busy and congested which is worrying the politicians. So what do they do? They lower the speed limit. I suppose they aren't killing enough so they'll lower it to 60 to collect more.

Saturday, March 12, 2005
Yeah, ok. Bush continues on his path to destruction. He hired another woman to go overseas and sooth the masses who hate Americans. Ok, lessee... over in the middle east they have no respect whatsoever for women. So, why not hire women to send over there? I guess when you are the head of the most powerful country on earth you can afford reeeally good drugs.

Saturday, February 20, 2005
Damn! California still being with hard rains and houses floating away. But... I gotta ask... how stupid do you have to be to build a house on the edge of a friggin' cliff anyway?

Saturday, January 29, 2005
European leaders, including German Economics Minister Wolfgang Clement, have taken the United States to task over its ballooning current account and budget deficits, which they blame for the dollar's decline.
Outgoing U.S. trade representative Robert Zoellick said the United States will close its current account deficit by slowing consumer spending. "We believe we can do that."

No problemo. Since we are spending astronomically and cutting taxes everywhere all we gotto do is cut taxes some more. That way the local fees like garbage fees and stuff go so astronomically high that no one can eat because they can't afford to have the garbage taken out. So that cuts the spending on food right in half immediately. Damn these guys are brilliant!

Thursday, January 27, 2005
Yeah right. Iraq holds elections but most of the candidates are keeping their names secret out of fear of reprisal. On top of that they are keeping the polling places secret so no one will blow them up. (I couldn't possibly make this shit up) So the only ones who will vote are probably the candidates.

How do you break a tie when everyone gets one vote (their own)? And how long do you think a recount would take since it's so close? And if one of them could get a relative to vote for him he would win by a landslide. 2 votes for every one else's one vote. 50% more than anyone else. (provided the relative doesn't blow him up)


Friday, January 21, 2005  

(Some dickhead found me and said I should start dating these things. I'm only doing this for jerks that don't read regularly)
Ebay still blows. You've heard horror stories about paypal and ebay. Got one of my own. Won a bid, clicked on pay... error. Hit backspace, enter again. Bid paid. Neat. Uh... well, no. Seems the bid was paid for twice. Paypal showed me an error but not them. Bitched and screamed and they refunded the extra payment. Uh... into my paypal account, not back to my bank account. So, they want to charge me $2.50 to put my own money back where it belongs.

To make matters worse, that's not even the end of the story. Seems the seller did refund the money for the extra payment... but the ebay site shows it was never paid. So I have no product and no one seems to give a fuck since they got their money for nothing.

I always said out of all the auction sites out there ebay was always the worst one of all. How the hell they got to be so big is beyond me. I guess you can sell shit if it's marketed right. I always swore I'd never use it. Why don't I listen to me?

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Dear Mr. Unknown Blogger,
I heat my home with oil and to save a few bucks I clean our furnace by myself. Since oil is so expensive these days I'd like to know if it's possible to reclaim a few drops I spilled while cleaning it.

Dear Mr. Stupid,
First of all, if you do spill oil anywhere you should realize that you must immediately report it to the EPA. (Environmental Protection Agency - Mental being the operative word here) Dialing 911 is perfectly acceptable here. They will cheerfully come out to your home (in proper attire, sirens blaring, coffee cups in hand) and help you get rid of any drops you have carelessly spilled for a nominal fee (Only a few thousand dollars per man, per drop, generally a 35 man* minimum, or the amount of people they can cram into your home and still continue to breath. Whichever is greater.). Also, you must keep track of exactly how many drops were spilled to report to the oil companies so that they can adjust their prices accordingly. Usually the gas pumps nationwide, as a rule of thumb, show approximately a one penny increase per drop lost by a homeowner. (Obviously it depends on the size of the drop as well, so you need to report whether it was big drops or little drops.) Of course, if you do manage to reclaim it, there is no price reduction. Sadly, they regret that they forgot to put a reverse on the signs. They are vigorously investigating the oversight and give their word that within 400 years it will be corrected. Probably. (aka maybe, but don't hold your breath in oil company legalese)
*Note. It should be noted that the men may be replaced with women, however, due to sexual harrassment laws the genders may NOT be mixed in a situation such as this. Also, please note that if the correct amount of (if chosen) women (since there are less women in this field) cannot be made immediately available, your home will be quarantined until they can produce the amount required. Generally not more than a 5 year waiting period. This can be, of course, to your advantage because as people age, they get fatter. Therefore the cost per person to you is reduced if you go over the 35 woman (in this case) minimum.


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